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The Expat Card

No description

Candice Olgun

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of The Expat Card

To build a community to bring together existing
expats, while welcoming new ones, and providing them with special offers from companies who gear their products and services to the expatriate community, as well as local companies who wish togive their support. Mission Statement Target Audience Newly arriving Expats
Existing Expats
Aged 30 to 65
Top Management
Expatriate Families Opportunities No other Loyalty Card in Zurich
Great reference site
High Word of Mouth advertizing
Switzerland has one of the highest retention of Expats in the world Business Concept Allows expats to experience Zurich
Create a high traffic reference rich website Goals and Objectives Develop a household name
Largest community
Largest amount of offers
Most support
Expand from Zurich to Zug, Geneva etc.
Increase database of cardholders
High traffic website Attracting the Expat customer Gaining new customers Reason for more contact with customers Identification of customer behaviour Increased sales/turnover Differentiate from your competitors Word of Mouth Benefits to TEC Providers The Expat Card
More versatile than a Swiss Army Knife
and better value too Thank you Lifelong Expat
Marketing/Advertizing background
Living in Zurich
Marketing & Fundraising Coordinator Card Distribution Relocation Agents
Human Resources
Expat Websites
Expat Events
Expat Expo
International Schools Some of our Sponsors and Members The Expat Card has great offers for businesses such as:

Globus Orell Füssli Swisscom dave dollé personal training
Maison Deluxe Marriott Hotel asia spa Vanity the Art of Beauty
Stickerella AirYoga Gaucho Delux Poppy Red Design
Vero Pilates Mary Kay Cosmetics Lovers Lane American Food Avenue
Bodybalancing Mooi Mooi PerfectHair Hofmann Photography
Cutting Edge Yooji's Iroquois Dental Hygiene Praxis Binz
Toto CrossFit Turicum Nooba Mangosteen Catering
Sundrani Jewelry Manebo Leather Pascale Wagen International Comedy Club
Steinfels Weine Alpha Sprachstudio Passion4Life konzept + gestaltung
Pascale Wagen Personality Coach HITZBERGER Sincera Asset Management
SuitArt And more to come... We currently have over 70 Businesses in and around Zurich The newsletter goes out every 2 weeks to over 2660 email addresses. Our Facebook Page has 2,183 followers.
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