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Solar Energy. By: Britney &+& Sarah.

This presentation is about solar energy. You will see the good sides and the bad sides of solar energy.

Sarah Lindsay

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Solar Energy. By: Britney &+& Sarah.

Solar Energy.. By Britney &+ Sarah.. Solar Energy is energy givin' from the sun. It is bad, but it is usually good.. Some people are allergic to it. You can get skin cancer easier if you are alergic to it. Instead of getting skin cancer some people's skin just gets really bumpy. And the bumbs turn a greenish color. Sometimes solar energy
is not the best thing in the
world. Skin cancer is mainly
from Solar energy. No one knows the real reason for
Soalr energy. Its just the v-rays from the sun. When they hit the Earth, thats when it is called Solar Energy... Solar Energy
the reason that this exist is because
the Earth goes in 1 direction for a certain amount of time and then it changes direction. As the world spins Even if its cold outside the world hits us. Solar energy come sand hits us. And only in the winter we are not affected by it as much.. If all of us have Solar Energy Reflectors on our roofs then it will help our enviorment out alot. It affects some places more than others, because the world is always spinning and we are always in different spots. After the 1973 oil embargo, there was a resurgence of interest in solar energy. Faced with a possibility of scarce oil resources, the United States government allocated $400 million per year, from a mere $1 million per year, for solar energy research. The expenditure is small compared to the expenditure on nuclear research. Currently, there is a need for allocating increased resources in solar research. Compared to the old forms of depletable energy (coal, oil, nuclear), solar energy offers a clean renewable form of energy. Solar energy cars dont use gas. They are charged by the suns heat. The solar car is the least bought car in the world. The only people that have it are usually the people that are allgergic to the solar energy. They are always yellow with black windows. SOLAR ENERGY CARS you could take a ride across the country in one. <style>.sarea{background-image:url('http://layoutstar.com/images/songarea/silverywhite.gif');width:420px;color:#444;font:bold 11px verdana;text-align:left;}.sarea b{padding-left:3px;}</style><div class='sarea'><a href='http://songarea.com' target='_blank'><img src='http://layoutstar.com/images/songarea/powered2.gif' border='0' style='float:right;margin-top:3px;margin-right:2px;'></a><b>Linkin Park - In The End...</b></div><object width='420' height='53'><param name='movie' value='http://layoutstar.com/images/songarea/player.swf'><param name='flashvars' value='config=http://layoutstar.com/images/songarea/varext.php&file=http://socom.wrzuta.pl/sr/f/6TZ8D4DIH4s'><embed type='application/x-shockwave-flash' src='http://layoutstar.com/images/songarea/player.swf' width='420' height='53' flashvars='config=http://layoutstar.com/images/songarea/varext.php&file=http://socom.wrzuta.pl/sr/f/6TZ8D4DIH4s'></embed></object><div style="width:420px;text-align:center;height:17px;background-image:url('http://layoutstar.com/images/songarea/codebottom.gif');font:normal 11px tahoma;"><a href='http://www.wiredseek.com/ringtones/?id=wsong' target='_blank'><img src='http://layoutstar.com/images/songarea/rtone.gif' style='border:0;float:left;margin:0 1 0 1;'></a><a href='http://www.songarea.com/music-codes/linkin_park.html' target='_blank' style='color:#0066ff;'><b>linkin park songs</b></a> | <a href='http://www.videocure.com' target='_blank' style='color:#0066ff;'><b>music videos</b></a> | <a href='http://www.lyricskid.com' target='_blank' style='color:#0066ff;'><b>lyrics</b></a></div> http://www.netpilot.ca/aes/solar/video.html solar energy helps keep plants alive too.
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