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CAMO blessing or curse?

continuing airworthiness in everyday life

Botond Szilagyi

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of CAMO blessing or curse?

CAMO - blessing or curse? legal personality based on EC No 1592/2002 (replaced by 216/2008)
members are the EU countries + Iceland, Monaco, Switzerland
product and organization certification and environmental approval of products 2003 - EASA becomes operational members are the European National Aviation Authorities
design, manufacture, continued airworthiness, maintenance and operation
ensure consistent level of safety 1990 - Cyprus Arrangement - JAA was founded members are the European countries
harmonisation of civil aviation policies and practicies
liaison with global organisations 1955 - ECAC was founded air carrier members
today over 240
prime panel for airline interest 1945 - IATA was founded in Havanna specialized agency of the UN
recommended practices and procedures
today over 180 members 1944 - Chicago convention -ICAO EASA regulations Annex Part 21 EC No 1702/2003 - Certification Annex I (Part-M)
Annex II (Part-145)
Annex III (Part-66)
Annex IV (-147) EC No 2042/2003
(revised by 1056/2008) - Continuing Airworthiness Main topics of Part-M Continuing Airworthiness
pre-flight check
deferred defects (MEL, CDL)
operational directives (ETOPS, LROPS, RVSM, AWO, MNPS, RNAV)
Customized Maintenance Programme
Airworthiness Directives
Mods and repairs
Cont. airworthiness record system
Operators Technical Log system
Transfer of A/C Responsibilities
in case of leasing
tasks in case of A/C>5,7 tons or commercial OPS
occurence reporting Subpart G - CAMO approval
Personnel requirements
Airworthiness review staff
Continuing airworthiness management
Airworthiness review
Quality system
Record keeping
Findings Subpart I - CAMO plus privilege
Airworthiness review
Transfer within EU
Findings CAMO??? Airworthiness - means the aircraft conforms to its type design and is in a condition for safe operation (iaw 14 CFR Part 3) Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization Historical and legal approach The practical approach a presentation by SZB, operations since 2005 the authority
supervision ...operations according to the
standardized regulations... The field... scheduled maintenance unscheduled maintenance aircraft transfer occurences... more occurences airworthiness limitations, component life restrictions CAMO takes care all of them for you with the right CAMO... ...goals are achieved you might have the best product... professional liaison with the authorities CAMO Manufacturer Civil Aviation Authorities Operator/Owner Maintenance providers DOA
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