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amazon food chain by Maddy and Ella

No description

Woodford Chestnut

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of amazon food chain by Maddy and Ella

Some frogs are poisines but some are not.Red eye tree frogs are sometimes called the most butifull frog.
Whip snakes
Plants usealy start a food chain.Some plants in the amazon rainforist are biger than humans.
Amazon Rainforest insects are exceptionally diverse and insects are often regarded as the most successful animals to have lived on Earth. There are more different insects than in any other class of animals. It is not surprising that the Amazon Rainforest, a place containing more diversity than anywhere else, contains a fantastic assemblage of colorful, strange and interesting insects.
Whip snakes live in the amazon rainforist and eat frogs.They're very thin and most of that kind are brown.
The jagguar
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