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iceland pp

No description

makenna kirk

on 1 May 2010

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Transcript of iceland pp

Iceland physical features By Makenna Kirk Volcano Surtsey Volcano Hekla the Blue Lagoon Volcano Hekla is one of the most active volcanos in iceland. in fact it's known for it's eruptions!
its height is 1,491 meters
and during the middle ages Icelanders used to call it gateway to hell. Waterfall of the gods Volcano eruption! Geysers! Mountian Tindjoll Island Girmsey (Eyjafjallajokull) the canyons of Porsmork relative location: south of iceland
absolute location:64.0 N lat
19.7 W. Volcano Surtsey isn't just a volcano, its a volcanic island.
Since 2002 the island has began to diminish in size because of wind and waves.
Also, it has created some other small islands.

Relative location: Off the coast of south iceland
Absolute location:63.4 N. lat. 20.3 W. long. The Blue lagoon is a huge attraction. Many people come to soak in the spa-like waters made partly by a lava formation. The water's average temperature is about 104 degrees F.
reletive location: South Iceland.
Absolute location:63.629 N. lat. 19.630 W. long. reletive location: north central iceland
absolute location:65.68 N. lat. 17.54 W. long
The Waterfall of the Gods is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Iceland. It stands at a small 12 meters high, and 30 meters wide.
It may not have been known for its size, but its beauty is beyond comparison.
Geysers usualy lie benieth volcanic rock,

in the beginig, the water starts boilling, then a bubble formes and as it bursts, the sream forces its way out being much lighter than the water, and thats how geysers work
most of the time geysers are found in active volcanic areas or areas prone to earth quakes.

Recently,in Iceland, there was a HUGE volcanic eruption on april 15, 2010.
The volcano has erupted for the second time in less than a month.
It was so bad that every flight to or from Iceland was cancelled. So many people were stuck at the airport for days due to so much smoke and ash in the air. relative location:
Absolute location: The canyons of Porsmork are one of the most beautiful places in Iceland.
Many tourists are attracted to it because of how peaceful and open it is.
It is surrounded by three big glaciers protected by mountains and ice.
Also, it has a lot of lush green vegitation and many hiking paths.
Many years ago, it was known as "the land of the giants". releative location:East Iceland
absolute location: Grimsey Island is the northern most inhabited Icelandic territory.
There are lots of steep cliffs everywhere except the southern shoreline.
Grimsey has an area of 2.0 sq miles and a maximum altitude of 344 ft.

Vatnjokull Glacier Reletive location: West Iceland
Absolute location:62.55 N. lat. 15.22 W. long. Relative location: West Iceland
Absolute location: 64.2 N. lat 16.9 W long. Vanjokull glacier is huge! It is the largest glacier in iceland.
Aproximmately 11% of iceland is covered by glaciers.

Relative location: Southeast Iceland.
Absolute location: 63.4 N lat. 16.8 W long. MT. tinjoll is an amazing mountain filled with beauty.
Many torrists come from everywhere just to climb it.
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