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Canto XVII

No description

Rose e

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of Canto XVII

Rose Ebacher-Rini

The area is called:
malebolge= evil pouch
Modern Inhabitants

Kim Kardashian- She
is a model and can be considered a seducer.
Figurative Language
Simile- "And ten descending troughs are cut in it, offering a general prospect like the ground that lies around one of those ancient castles" (Alighieri 158).
Dante compares the pouches to a moat around a caste

Simile- "Narrow cliffs run to the central well, which cuts and gathers them like radii" (Alighieri 158).
Dante is comparing the structure of the pouches to radii.

-Virgil and Dante are just outside of circle 8

-The area is divided into sections or "malebolge"

-Where perpetrators of "ordinary fraud" receive their punishments

The first pouch
-Sin-pandering (pimps) and seducing

-Dante recognizes a soul from Bologna who sold his sister to a noble

-Punishment- souls run constantly from one side of the pouch to the other demons with whips hit the souls as soon as they come within reach, forcing them to run back and forth

- Virgil points out Jason of the Argonauts.He explains that he seduced and impregnated a woman,then abandoned her in her pregnancy,to steal the Golden Fleece
Second pouch

-Punishment-sinners are plunged into a ditch filled with human excrement

-The stench is too much, so Virgil and Dante move on
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