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Pakistan Presentation for High School Kids


Sultan Ghujurak

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Pakistan Presentation for High School Kids

Culture and Heritage of Pakistan
Information About Pakistan
Life Expectancy
Living Standard
Human Rights and basic Freedoms
Economy of Pakistan
Imports/Exports/Natural Resources/ Manufactured Goods
The life expectancy of 65.7 years for both Male and Female
Founder and Independence
Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Pakistan gained independence on August , 15 ,1947
Capital and Currency
Capital: Islamabad
Provinces and Languages
Punjabi and Saraiki
Kutchi, Thari and Sindhi Seraiki.
Balochi and Pushto

Urdu and Kashmiri
Culture, Cuisine and Sports
65.7 is considered a really low rank for a country.
Poor Health Care and Diseases
Literacy Rate
54.9 of Pakistani are literate
Kids under poverty cannot afford the school fees.
Participation Rate %
Gender Issues
Pakistan womens education is affected by family responsiblity.
Alot of people living under poverty cannot afford health care and nutrition
Women are allowed to vote
Women are allowed openly to have any job.
Agriculture is Pakistan economies most popular employments. 40% of employment is agriculture related.
The 2011 flood destroyed alot of agriculture and resources.
Transport Equipment
73% of Pakistan imports are mainly machined based.
Fruits, Rice and Textiles
Natural Resources
Manufactured Goods
Sports goods are all manufactured from the city of Sialkot.

GDP per Capita

GDP of Pakistan
GDP of Pakistan: $514.6 billion
GNP of Pakistan
GNP of Pakistan: $230.5 billion
GDP per Capita
GDP per Capita: $2,566
Does Pakistan accept Aid?
Famous Landmarks
Computers are used in Pakistan for education and for general use.
Machinery help build structures in Pakistan,
Hotels, Apartments etc.
Internet access in Pakistan has been all over Pakistan. Some cities also have High Speed internet available. Pakistan have reached over 20 million users.
Mobiles and telephones are used alot in Pakistan.
Is Pakistan a developed Country?
Top 10?
Pakistan is a Developing Country
Rank: 146
Pakistan has since developed a semi-industrialized economy with a growth rate higher than the global average for the last six decades.
The Literacy rate of Pakistan is only half the country.
22.3 percent of people of Pakistan are below the poverty line.
Accepting Aids from countries can help Pakistan economy and infrastructure.
Minar - e - Pakistan
Pakistan Monument
Badshahi Mosque
There is a high divide from the Riches to the Poor


177,970,000 (http://www.census.gov.pk/) - Canada is 34 million.

There are approximately 7 million Pakistanis living abroad.

Many overseas Pakistanis in Europe and North America
have obtained citizenship of their country of residence.



Pakistan is pluralistic society
Languages, dresses, popular music & dances

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