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O.Henry (William Sidney Porter)

No description

Azucena Mercado

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of O.Henry (William Sidney Porter)

By Clara Acosta & Susy Mercado Early Life: Adult Life The beginning of a great writer: O. Henry's Writing.. The Gift of Magi is about a young couple Della and Jim, who are short on money but Christmas is just around the corner. Although they are short on money they still look forward to buying each other their gifts. In order for Della to afford a platinum chain for Jim's watch she sells her most priced possession, her hair. Meanwhile, Jim also sells one of his priced possession, his watch just so he can buy Della jeweled combs. Since the story only follows Della until the very end so the audience is unaware until then. The couple realized that they had sold their most precious possessions to buy their loved ones a gift, just to realize that they had done the same. This story is all about the irony. Born on September 11, 1862 in North Carolina.
Suffered the loss of his mother at the age of three.
Attended Lindsey Street High School.
His first job was at his uncle's drugstore and later at the age of 19 he became a licensed pharmacist.
At the age of 20 O. Henry moved to Austin, Texas.
There he went on to be a cattleman, draftsman, bank teller, and was a journalist and creative writer on the side. He left all these jobs to pursue his writing career.
He married at the of age of 25 to Athol Estes.
From this love they conceived Margaret Worth Porter.
Meanwhile, he was being charged with embezzlement by the First National Bank.
O. Henry made a cowardly decision and fled to New Orleans and Honduras.
Due to his wife Athol's deteriorating health he returned to Texas and surrendered himself.
Athol died on July 25, 1897 and O. Henry was imprisoned a year later. Porter was known and appreciated for his plot twist endings.
Dry humor, irony and witty narration was Porter's short story formula.
Although, Porter's writing was witty and humorous he also included real life themes to his writing.
Such as: deception, fate, pretense, unsolvable difficulties, and surprise endings.
His writing basically leads you on to believing everything is going according to plan when in reality it's not. The Gift of Magi... William Sidney Porter aka O. Henry While Porter was in jail his writing creativity soared. It was in jail that he got the pseudonym O. Henry. In jail was where most of his short stories were written. He wrote stories based on Texan and Central American environment.
From his low points Porter made a comeback. Three years and a dozen short stories later Porter emerged out of prison as O. Henry.
He moved to New York City where he lived the remainder of his life. Awards and Accomplishments O. Henry was lucky enough to see some of his works put into movies before his death. O. Henry became so well know and his stories so appreciated that they named an award after him. The O. Henry award is given to authors of short stories every year. As far as we could find O. Henry did not receive any awards, his stories were written in a time when awards for writing were not common. Sources http://www.lsjunction.com/people/porter.htm
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