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Dr. Sheri's Blog: USDE Guiding Principles, Part II

This Prezi highlights the second of the three guiding principles outlined in the USDE resource guide. The presentation has audio, so make sure you have your speakers or headphones working so that you can hear the blog.

Sheri Wilkins

on 25 January 2014

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Transcript of Dr. Sheri's Blog: USDE Guiding Principles, Part II

US Dept of Education
Guiding Principles: A Resource Guide for Improving School Climate and Discipline

Guiding Principle II: Clear, Appropriate, and Consistent Expectations and Consequences
Action Steps:
Set high expectations and adopt an instructional approach
Involve families, students, school personnel - communicate regularly and clearly
Apply consequences for misbehavior that are clear, developmentally appropriate, and proportional
Policies need to include appropriate procedures for students with disabilities and due process for all students
Removal from the classroom should be a last resource, ensure they receive academic instruction in alternative settings, and return them to class ASAP
Guiding Principle I: Climate and Prevention
Action Steps:
Deliberate efforts to create positive school climates
Use evidence-based strategies (eg. tiered supports)
Promote social and emotional learning
Provide regular training and supports for personnel
Collaborate with other agencies and stakeholders
Make sure SROs focus on improving school safety and minimize referrals to law enforcement
Guiding Principle III: Equity and Continuous Improvement
Action Steps:
Train all staff so that school discipline policies and practices are applied fairly and equitably
Use proactive, data-driven, continuous efforts
gather feedback from all stakeholders
seek to prevent, identify, reduce, & eliminate discriminatory discipline and unintended consequences
High Expectations for behavior
Instructional Approach
Stakeholder Involvement
Clear, consistent
Clear, agreed-upon
consequences for misbehavior
Clear policies that guard against disproportionality
A focus on inclusive practices and
a reduction in exclusionary practices
Guiding Principle II: Climate and Prevention
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