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기업내부에서의 SNS


Hugh Choi

on 5 July 2011

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Transcript of 기업내부에서의 SNS

기업내부에서의 SNS 기업의 SNS 이용 목적 1. SNS를 통한 마케팅 및 고객과의 소통

2. 내부커뮤니케이션 및 협업

3. 소셜소프트웨어 및 서비스 개발 IBM Nikon Deloitte Zappos Cisco Salesforce Social Blue (Beehive)

-Buzz Timely(Timeflash) Olympus
(Blue Grass) -Micro-calendar -Virtual 3D world
Collaboration -iConnect
-D Street Use Cases
1. Enterprise communication
2. Collaboration & Knowledge exchange
3. Social networking & Expert search
4. Personal information management
5. Project management Microblogging Platforms Social Business Stack Source: Altimeter Group Melcrum's report 'How to use social media to engage employees' Key findings Improved employee engagement (71%)
Improved internal collaboration (59%)
Improved internal community development (51%)
Improved two-way dialogue with senior executives (42%) Brand monitoring: Over 145 known vendors, including Radian6, Alterian, Scout Labs, Visible Technologies, Cymfony

Social Analytics/Insights: Crimson Hexagon, Crowd Factory, SAS, Oracle, Sap, Qlikview Monitoring and Analytics Aggregation Social Inbox Aggregation: Chatter, SocialText, Gist

Identity Brokers: Gigya and Janrain

Aggregation and Curation Solutions: Disqus, Echo Applications in Social Networks: Over a 1 million apps in Facebook alone, while other social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter experiment with developers
Social Media Management Systems: CoTweet, HootSuite, Sprinklr, Objective Marketer, Expion, SpredFast
Sharing Tools: Sharethis, Addthis Publication Community Platforms: Awareness, Mzinga, Jive, Telligent, Ingage Networks, Kickapps, Pluck, Lithium, Liveworld
Collaboration Platforms: Sharepoint, Jive, Telligent, Atlassian, SocialText, PBWorks, and recent entrant BroadVision’s Clearvale
Enterprise Microblogging Platforms: SocialCast, Yammer, Gist SocialText, Chatter, MangoSpring
Blogging Platforms: Wordpress, SixApart, Squarespace, Google’s Blogspot
Innovation Platforms: Salesforce Ideas, UserVoice and open source Pligg
Social Commerce Platforms: Bazaarvoice, Zuberance, Alvendia, ShopIgniter, Wildfire Interactive Social Platforms Data Layer: Data brokers are emerging (brand monitoring is harvesting data, SSO) and reputation identifiers (Gist, Rapportive, Klout)

Social CRM: Many vendors claim Social CRM, yet we’ve yet to see a single vendor that spans the gaps across all the use cases Infrastructure Services Agency
Consulting: 1000s of ‘experts’
Research and Analysis
Advocacy Programs, blogger networks
Peer groups, conferences, and education [Trend Survey] Salesforce 500 employees in offices throughout the United States, Canada and Brazil, a code of conduct for using the service leaves little room for the idle chit-chat that is pervasive on Facebook. 1. Webcasting & video sharing
-Cisco Show & Share
2. Enterprise collaboration platform
-Cisco Quad
3. Infrastructure
-Cisco Pulse
-Cisco Media Experience Engines D Street Flexible work arrangement
Establish virtual teams
Bring new employees up to speed
Collaboration improvement
Increase retention among people Quad Video & Share Pulse Chatter Hugh Hyung-uk Choi
http://about.me/huchoi 최 형 욱 Discussion
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