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Ice Cream

No description

Abimbola Ibironke

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Ice Cream

How It Is made
Is there a relationship between Sex and Ice cream Flavor
The U.S eats more ice cream than another country
One cone of ice cream can be finished off in 50 licks...TRY IT!
Most profitable day for ice cream sellers is almost always Sunday
Over $21 billion dollars is moved by Ice cream industry in United States alone
It takes 12 Ib of milk to make 1 gallon of icecream
There is 273 calories in one cup of vanilla ice cream
Cone and Cylinders
In order to see which object can hold more ice cream, we must find their volume. so lets say both the cylinder and the cone has the radius and height
r= 12 h= 20
formula: Cylinder- pi × radius^2 × height
Cone- (1/3) × pi × radius^2 × height
Math: Cylinder 3.14x12^2 x 20= 9,047.787
Cone (1/3)x3.14x 12^2x 20= 3,015.928
This shows that the cylinder would hold more ice cream then cones
Surface Area
In order to see which object uses more materials, I will use surface area to see how much material is need to make a cone and cup. like in the slide before the radius and the height will be the same
raduis- 12
height- 20
formula- cylinder: 2x pi x r x h +2x piπx r^2
cone: pi x r (r+ h^2+r^2)
math: Cylinder: 2x 3.14x 12x 20+ 2x 3.14x 14^2 =2412.74
Cone: 3.14x 12( 12+ 20^2+ 12^2= 1331.68
This shows that it take more materials to make cylinder then a cone.
Ice Crystals
Crystal formation is based on symmetry
The basic ingredients is milk, ice, flavor, cream, (Home made ice cream)
What is ice cream and where did it come from?
which holds more ice creams?
which cost less to make
Ice cream was introduced to American in the 1700's so we've had ice in the united states for 2014-1700= 314 years
however it has been in existence for 200+ 2014- 1 = 2,213 years
Dont you Hate it when you see ice crystal developing on the top of your favorite ice cream? This depressing tragicity occurs when Ice cream water separates from the fat contain, the water begins to freeze
How to prevent Ice crystals
Put it in the back of the freezer so it is not exposed to room temperature
Keep freezer at 0 degrees
Try to get a container that has a shape with high surface area to volume ratio (Better to get flat and wide than compact and boxy).
Wrao Aluminum foil around it (Keep temperature at homeostasis)
Measurement are VERY IMPORTANT
When you are preparing to make homemade ice cream, DO NOT AND I MEAN DO NOT
measuring cup.
Let's find the Surface Area of a ice cream cone
10 in
A= 1/2A of a sphere + area of a lateral cone
= 1/2 x 4 r^2 + r x s
= 2 (3)^2 + (3) 58
= 18 + 3 58
the height of the cone is 7 because 10-r =7
so d^2= 3^2+ 7^2
d^2= 58

Pythagorean theorem
The chart is 5.99. We fail to Reject null hypothesis. there is no association between sex and ice cream flavors
Soft Ice cream v.s Hard Ice cream
Contains more milk fat
Freeze at 4-7 degrees F
Has a less amount of sugar
Has more stabilizer
Contains less milk fat
Freeze at 15-25 degrees F
Has more sugar
Has a less stabilizer
Now convert it to Celsius
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