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Oahu Hawaii By madison

No description

Bonnie Madieros

on 15 March 2016

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Transcript of Oahu Hawaii By madison

Oahu Hawaii By Madison
I'm learning about Oahu Hawaii. I will share some facts about it.
First of all,
Oahu is the third largest of the Hawaiian islands. Oahu is home to two thirds of the population. It also has an airport. The state capitol Honolulu is on Oahu's southeast cost. It has total land area of 596.7 square miles. This island is the result of two seprate sheild volcanos with a bourd vally beetween them.
Second of all,
The island is home to about 976.199 people.Oahu has for a long time been known as THE GATHERING PLACE.'' Well known features found on Oahu including Waikiki, Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head, Hanauma Bay and north shore. Oahu is also known for having the longest rain shower in HISTORY!!!!!!! With over 200 days spent with continuous rain. Kaneone Ranch Oahu reported 247 straight days with rain. It went through August 27, 1993 to April 30, 1994. The island has many nicknames one of them being ''rainbow state.'' This is because rainbows are a comon site.
Hawaii due to the frequent rain showers.The avrage tempacture inOahu is around 70 to 85 degrees and the island is the warmest in June through October. The weather during the winter is cooler but still warm with the avrege tempacter of 68-78 degrees. Oahu produces pinaples, coconuts, coffee beans and a lot of flowers. Did you know Oahu is actualy the only place that grows coffee beans?
I really liked learning about Oahu. I really liked it there and hope to go back!!!!!
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