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All HR Update

Template 1

Maria Curran

on 22 June 2015

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Transcript of All HR Update

Additional Details
What have we done so far? What
can you expect?
Program Objective
Knowledge, Skills and Competency Guide
Knowledge, Skills and Competency Guide
What is the KSC Guide?

A developmental guide that identifies the knowledge skills and competencies for each role within HR, and suggestions for learning and development.
Content is thorough, easy to digest and updated yearly by the process owner

The guide is tied to relevant HR processes (L&D and Talent Management)

Training on how to use the KSC Guide and SharePoint will be available

Support documents like FAQs, templates, glossaries, etc. will be available
Monday, June 22, 2015
Vol XCIII, No. 311
HR Professional Development Program
Timing and How to Use
Knowledge, Skills and Competency Guide
Program Status Update

Program Objective

Provide Details on the Phase
One Deliverables

The Developing Times
The HR Professional Development Program will reflect a developmental focus providing knowledge and tools to support HR employees in taking the lead in their career planning and development. The program will also enable Leaders to support this journey for their employees.

Phase I
KSC Guide Promo
How to Use
Monday, June 22, 2015
Vol XCIII, No. 311
The Developing Times
Buddy Program

Buddy Program
Examples of Workshop Content
Example of DEW
Department Exposure Workshop
Department Exposure Workshop
Monday, June 22, 2015
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Department Exposure Workshop (DEW)
What makes DEW valuable?
Department Exposure Workshop

What is the DEW?

A series of workshops where employees can learn more about each area within HR

Gain a deeper understanding of the scope of the work in a functional area

Support the understanding of how the knowledge, skills and competencies for that area are utilized

Develop an understanding of how each departments’ work contributes to fulfilling the HR vision to...
The Developing Times
Additional Details
The Buddy Program
Classified Ad
Employee seeking Buddy to support knowledge exchange and develop strong working relationship... are YOU a Buddy?
What is the Buddy Program?

A program that encourages both new and experienced employees to interact to share best practices, and support each other’s learning and overall development.

Buddy Program

Experienced Employee:

Someone who has been with the HR department for 5 years or more that has exposure to different areas of HR

Who Can Participate?
Buddy Program
...Get the Best
Build the Best
Be the Best

The interim documents will be available on SharePoint in August.

The final documents will be housed in the HR Development System after the close of Phase Three.
The final tool may be leveraged for developmental objective setting, development planning, and career planning.

The interim documents can be used to inform developmental objective setting and developmental planning for HR employees.

Business Plan of Functional Area
Value to the Business
Current Projects
Interactive/Experiential Activity
Class size
Content Evolution
Course Description
Course Codes
Workshop Session & Interactive Exercise
One on One Follow Up

One on one follow up meeting
Program Completion Recognition
Program Status Update: Road Map
Build Your Career Using DEW

Contact us to start TODAY
Knowledge, Skills, and Competency Guide (KSC)
Buddy Program
Department Exposure Workshop (DEW)
Q&A Leadership Panel
Wrap Up

What Makes the DEW Valuable?
Example of Workshop Content
Additional Details
Example of DEW
DEW Promo

How Does This Program Benefit Employees?
Who Can Participate?
What is the Role of the Experienced Buddy?
How Will it Work?
Profile Examples
Buddy Program Promo
How Does This Program Benefit Employees?
Complements the employee on-boarding experience that is owned and executed by the new employees’ home department and leadership team.

Supplements employee learning and development in the first 3-6 months of employment.

Help instil the importance and commitment to development early on in the employees career.

New Employees:

Someone who is new to ArcelorMittal Dofasco or the HR department

Buddy Program

What is the Role of the Experienced Buddy?
Help employees understand the corporate culture above and beyond what is gained through formal training and daily tasks.

Ensure the buddy has someone outside of their own sub-department to provide support in other HR areas that they may not be familiar with.

Help share best practices and experiences they have encountered in their role

Provide support to the buddy if they are looking for fresh perspectives on things they are working on within their own department

Help develop working relationships with those in other areas of HR

How Will it Work?
New Employee:

Self-identify and meet with manager

Manager will help match them with an experienced employee
Experienced Employee:

Self-identify and attend a Buddy Program workshop

Will create a profile that can be used to match with new employees

The program lead will connect the new employee with the experienced employee to initiate their buddy relationship.
What Can I Expect?
An email will be sent over the summer to see who is interested in participating

An information and profile development workshop will be held in September for any interested employees

Here they will be able to learn the “how-to’s” about being a buddy, set objectives and develop their buddy profiles

Matches will start in early October

Example of Profile

Current Department: Talent Management – Recruitment Team

Previous Dofasco Experience:
Organization Development

Areas of Interest:
Operations/ Skilled Trades
Despicable Me

Interesting Facts:
Broke a Guinness World Record
Sits on the Board of Directors for the Hamilton Basketball Association
Has won 3 dodge ball championships
Buddy Program Promo
What Can I Expect?
Thank you!

KSC Guide Promo
Additional Details
How Can I Use the KSC Guide?
When Can I Use the KSC Guide?
Content Framework:

Foundational KSCs
Role-Specific KSCs

What is the Knowledge Skills Competency Guide?
Content Framework
KSC Guide Promo
Additional Details
How Do I Use the KSC Guide?
When Can I Use the KSC Guide?
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