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PowerPoint vs. Prezi

No description

Kenton Armbruster

on 12 April 2018

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Transcript of PowerPoint vs. Prezi

PowerPoint and Prezi
Allow a simple way for you to get your point across
Gives you the option to add visual effects to your presentation to make it less boring
Offers an effective way to get your knowledge to an audience
Computer program with online option created by Microsoft
Uses a Title Slide and individual slides to illustrate presentation
Add animations and transitions
Has "ribbon" with multiple tabs
PowerPoint - Saving
Computer version of PowerPoint needs to be reminded to save to the computer
Online version (Edmodo) saves automatically (backpack)
PowerPoint and Prezi
Allow you to go from one point to the next
PowerPoint = slides
Prezi = stages
Text must go in text boxes
Able to add pictures
Independent online program
Uses a big picture format and then zooms in to main points
Uses frames or stages, not slides, so it has a different feel to the presentation
Built in transitions when it goes frame to frame
Less options on the ribbon/toolbar
Prezi - Saving
Online program - saves automatically to your account
Saves it by the title that you give the presentation
Also has option to manually save your presentation
PowerPoint vs. Prezi
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