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When The Ghost Screams

No description

Jilissa Schmidt

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of When The Ghost Screams

When The Ghost Screams
The Lady in Green
Mildred Ann Newlin was born on Christmas day in 1933. She grew up and got married to a 26 year old Avard High School Teacher and basketball coach, Richard D. Reynolds. Mildred was a 22 year old senior at Northwestern Oklahoma State University in Alva. She was sweet, lovely, had a shy smile, and a very petite 5'2" and 100 pounds. 9 months after Mildred and Richards wedding, in March 1956 on a crisp march afternoon, small town innocence was lost forever to Avard, Oklahoma. Tuesday, March, 13 just after noon, Mildred finished her morning classes, climbed into her 1949 Chevrolet Tudor and began her half hour journey toward the high school to meet with her husband. She never made it. A farmer noticed that there was rolling black smoke so he decided to investigate. When he got there he found a car strattling a shallow ditch with the rear wheel embedded in the sand, on fire, and the front door hung open. The farmer all of a sudden smelled the odor of burning flesh and hair. He investigated further and found a charred body in the front seat. He then rushed to the police station. The investigators found it to be an accident at first. They thought that she lost control and the cans of break fluid and gasoline accelerated the fire. With further investigation they found her right shoe splattered with blood 256 feet in front of the car, beside tall grass that had been flattened, possibly by one or more persons. The jury finay decided tat a homicide took place.
The Big Moose Murder
Grace Brown found herself unwed and with a child. It was a disgraceful situation. Grace became pregnant in 1906, when women didn't vote, didn't wear slacks, and did not have bebies before marriage without causing a stir. Chester Gillette met Grace Brown at his uncles skirt factory in Cortlan, New york in 1905. They decided that they wanted to go on a vacation to big moose lake. They stayed in the Glenmore Hotel. Chester suggested that they rent a rowboat and go on the lake. Grace couldn't swim but she had her fiancè to protect her. But, by evening, Grace was resting on the bottom of the lake, her long hair waving with each ripple. Chester was fingered as a suspect after the body was discovered. He was strapped to the death chair and electrocuted on March 30, 1908.
Waking the Dead
Brenda Marble of Harrisonville, Missouri cannot explain the lure of a simple Iowa farmhouse. It drew her back to it again and again. Each time she went she swore it would be the last. There was a message that she was chosen to tell. The house would not let her go until she and her friends deciphered that message and passed it along.
June 10, 1912 in Villisca, Iowa was the darkest day in the history of the town. The first sign something was wrong at the Moore house was when Mary Peckan peered down the street and noticed that her neighbors weren't out and about as usual. The house was closed tightly and the shades were all drawn over the windows. She spread the word and before long the brother of Joe Moore showed up and used his spare key to enter the house. The normally lively home was quiet and washed in darkness. Every window and mirror in the home was covered with blankets or clothing. When his eyes adjusted he couldn't believe what he say. Everyone was dead, everyone in his brothers family was dead. Someone went into the house at night and killed all 5 occupants with an axe. The parents, ages 43 & 38, and the three children ages 11, 10, & 7. The killer also murdered 2 friends of the children, Lena and Ina Stillinger ages 12 & 8.
When The Ghost Screams: True Stories of Victims Who Haunt
By: Leslie Rule
I do not know or pretend to know what happens when we die. Still, I hear the ghost scream. I hear the screaming and am compelled to write the stories of those whose lives were snatched away. They are the murder victims, the ones who roam restlessly. They are the headliners of this book." --Leslie Rule
The gym is still there but it is no longer connected to the school. It is now attached to Vina Rae's Grill 'n' Graze, as of 2006. There is sometimes is an odor of burning hair but it is confined to one area. "If you step away from the spot, you can't smell it." says Nan Wheatly, owner of Vina Rae's. One night as Nan was locking the doors, unseen hands grabbed her roughly by the shoulders and threw her down the hall. She then learned that there was an old man named Issac who was angry and stalked the premisis. There is also another coincidence reported by another employee. Shortly after Vina Rae's opened one of the employees was surprised to see a customer seated at a table. She didn't hear the customer come in because the cowbell hanging on the door never rang. Debra turned four just a second to get her order pad, but when she turned back the lady in green had vanished. Mildred may have been looking for her husband. Her spirit may be stuck in the high school gym forever.
Lynda Lee Macken and her friend Bridgett decided to travel to Big Moose Lake for a retreat. The night started off when the fresh batteries in their flashlight, camera, and clock were inexplicably dead. Then there was a mist on the lake and the mist started to go onto the land and towards a cabin. When the mist stopped infront of the cabin, that's when they realized that it was a ghost.

The mist originated in Punky Bay, the deepest part of the lake where grace was murdered and later found.
Darwin and Marth Linn purchaced the old house. They restored it to resemble the grisly day in 1912. In August of 2003 an investigative group decided to go to Villisca and entered the historic home. It was 2 A.M., possibly the exact hour of the murder, when the spirits came alive. The murder could have happened when the train went through town so the scream of the whistle would drown out the scream of the victims. As the train went through that night, a fog moved through the upstairs rooms of the old farmhouse and settled in the childrens room. The 3 women heard the distinct sound of dripping. the blood from the victims. One child suffered more than the rest, she was awake during the attack. She had hid in the closet when she heard the attack start, but she got yanked from the closed and slaughtered on her bed. The investigators got a recording of the child saying "I'm dying." They also got a clear recording of the very spiritual mother stating the one word...."Forgiveness"...
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