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No description

Dicky B

on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of TS61

TS 61 Cooling of devices using thermosyphon flows by Dicky Basyarudin
U067262U Agenda Background
Experiment Setup
Experiment Procedure
Analysis of Result
Sources of Error
Further Improvements
Q & A Background Thermosyphon concept
cooling effect without additional energy input
forced convection boiling to get closer to ideal natural convection cooling
pressure variation effect on optimum fill ratio Experiment Setup brass-copper device
insulated box
heat transfer box
water bath cooler Experiment Procedure switch on water bath cooler
fill device with refrigerant to exact mass
adjust internal pressure
seal device in insulated box
switch on heat cartridge to fixed wattage
switch on blower
wait until stabilize then record data Analysis of Results Sources of error random error
systematic error Further Improvement wider range of wattage
wider range of internal pressure
improved thermosyphon device
working fluid with complete thermal properties
constant temperature air flow
Q & A •Temperature of thermocouples±0.01°C
•Pressure variation ±0.0010V
•Ampere readings±0.2A
•Voltage reading±2V
Random Error Systematic error incomplete thermal properties
accuracy of bulk temperature
difficulty in stabilizing pressure
difficulty in maintaining constant temperature cool air
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