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Welcome to Instructional Design

This Prezi was made by Professor Chalfin to Introduce to you what we will be doing in class this Summer! Welcome!

Andrew Chalfin

on 12 June 2010

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Transcript of Welcome to Instructional Design

Instructional Design 1 Assignments and Expectations Turning Point Assignment This assignment is in conjuction with
the Assessment Assignment and ties in with the
Final Project. Assessment Assignment
This assignment deals with
the understanding of Assessment
how to use it effectively. Due next class! There will be a discussion
portion of the assignment
where we comment on New York
State tests. Blackboard Assignment It's your turn to create your own
Blackboard Classroom.
This will include:
Course Information
Course Documents
Permission to Use Assignmnet This assigment uses Adobe Acrobat 9.0 to create a forme that would be distributed to parents. These forms are useful in obtaing data from parents. They are locked as well so only the person you send it to can edit it. Business Plan Assignment This assignment will be
explained to you in detail with
a PowerPoint (old-school)
~Anyhow, you will be using tools such
as Excel, Publisher, and Rubistar
to create:
a creative imaginative business
Used to showcase knowledge of a point in history.
Many Instructional Design Materials will be in use. Final Website Design We are going to be completing the assigned readings and getting upto date with using Adobe Dreamweaver to enhance our websites and create a more professional look. Final Project This is the meat and potatoes of this course.
We will create:
A newsletter
A lessonplan
A blog
A web 2.0 tool (such as Prezi)
Turning Point HOW??? You are hypothetically
in charge of your schools
first Ever. Social Studies Fair! And the Crowd
ROARS! Learning Objects
We will learn about Learning
Objects and have a Discussion
on Blackboard with illustrations
demonstrating it's uses in education
and our understanding of the concept. WEB 2.0 Assignment This assignment is a free Exploration Assignment.
You will watch a video/PowerPoint and your assignment is
to find a Web 2.0 tool and create a slide on a shared
slide show explaining the tool you created! Due next class! What about the Book? The book is seperated into approximately 12
chapters! We will try to follow along with the
lessons that take approximately 90 minutes per
lesson. We will do the lessons together but I
suggest some study at home to prepare for each lesson!
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