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My Background

No description

Ben Schellberg

on 5 December 2017

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Transcript of My Background

My Background
Penn State
CI 280
Bridging the Gap
o Diversity in education became very apparent to me, not only students but also instructors

o Grew up in an upper middle class district
o Low diversity
o No ELL students to my knowledge
▪ These things left me unaware of how much a problem this is in education

o Brought Exposure to the Struggles ELLs go through
o Reading the entries from Tongue Tied for the first time made me realize how much ELLs are mistreated in education
o Taught about accomidating ELLs and how to handle them as an educator

o Exposure to both sides of the problem (Practice what you preech)
o Miscommunication is stressful for both sides
o Trying to overcome vocal boundaries
o Struggling to know what out tutee was feeling
▪ Seemed disinterested
▪ Seemed to not care
▪ Seemed to be lazy
o Knowing that these may not be true but not sure how to fix it
o Being part of the problem is a lot harder than knowing about the problem

First Attempts
o Making our tutee feel as an equal (Friends first)
o Accommodating his needs
o Incorporate academic content
o Games that can be fun without much verbal communication- Hangman/Tic Tac Toe

What Worked Best
o Educators over Friends
o How to Respect and accommodate while having authority
o Finding our Tutees strengths (Ah-Ha!/Change of course Moment)- Dinosaur Pic
o Finding ways to use their strengths in an engaging way- Creative writing
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