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SFHS 8/14/13

Aida A

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of CEPP

Central Everglades Planning Project (CEPP)
An outsider's inside perspective
1.7 billion gallons per day fresh water wasted in an average year
Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP)
Authorized under WRDA 2000

State/Fed cost share

50+ stand-alone projects
that can't stand on their own
National Academy of Sciences, 2008 & 2010
2010: A decade later...
Projects so far are along periphery

Delay in progress: further degradation & jeopardizes restoration success

Need strong near term benefits

End water quantity and quality separation

Critical to maintain political and public support
Oct 2011: Time was ripe for something new
Knowledge base & understanding of system

Frustration all around (w/ Corps)

District used similar planning process

A paradigm shift in ecosystem restoration planning
How is the process unique?
What is the plan?
Public Involvement
Very capable, cooperative, dedicated planners

Issues addressed as plan moves forward

Many forums

Public pressure helps move process along
Regional Approach
Substantial area-wide benefits

Bundle of sub-components of many CERP projects

First major step towards restoring the heart of the Everglades
contact me with questions
For continued success...
Completion of review process (deadlines!)

No delay in congressional authorization

Built-in flexibility and adaptive management

Capable leaders and local sponsorship

Recognition that CEPP is not an end goal
Truncated Timeframe
From >6 years to <2 years

Set deadlines

Eliminate unnecessary details

Scoping tools for early decision making
The Plan Assumes:

All current CERP projects complete
All CERP projects awaiting authorization complete
Modwaters, Tamiami Trail, and Restoration Strategies complete
Additional 17 mgd water supply to Lower East Coast communities

210 kac-ft clean "new" water available
Project Benefits
>1.5 million acres

Re-establishes 500,000 acres of flowing system in WCA 3A

Decomparmentalization: 18 miles of levee removal

Majority of habitat benefits realized within 5 years of implementation

Good for the food web, many endangered species
Where we are now...
Draft Project Implementation Report is out for public review
Water quality language and other issues caused major delays (4 months)

WRDA: passed the Senate, movement in the House (now WRRDA-Water Resources Reform and Development Act)
Can there be a Chief's Report before December? Is that enough?
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