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Global Warming

Global Warming.

James Bewick

on 22 July 2013

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Transcript of Global Warming

Global warming
The consequences
What can we do?
Who & what is causing Global Warming?
Where is Global Warming
Global Warming
What is global warming?
Global warming is a rise in temperature in the Earth's atmosphere. It is caused by Humans burning 'Fossil fuels', which are burned into the atmosphere, creating Carbon Dioxide which in the end damages the earth's atmosphere.
The Ozone Layer is a layer in the stratosphere that protects the Earth from harmful radiation and light, that is produced by the sun. Carbon dioxide (Co2) and other harmful chemicals and gasses that is being produced by global warming is creating holes in the ozone layer, which is
exposing the Earth to those harmful things.
The last point showed that the melting ice was changing the environment around it, and the Polar Bears. Because all of the ice caps melting, the water has got to all go somewhere, and it melts into the sea, causing the water to rise. So much so, that in the predicted future, the melting ice caps around the poles will cause problems for countries around the world, such as the Netherlands, because their flat ground can get flooded easily. Many others might
follow with it's land under water.
Global warming has been a big issue recently. Since the beginning of the 20th Century, the average surface temperature of the Earth has increased by about 0.8 degrees Celsius, with this temperature potentialy doubling for the 21st Century. It may not seen a lot to you and me, but these temperatures can create an increase in sea levels and other bad things.
Global warming is mainly a man made problem, because of Carbon Dioxide, which is covering the earth in a blanket. Because of this, the Carbon acts as insulation, keeping the Earth warmer, the reason for the temperature increases. The Carbon Dioxide is produced from a number of sources, cars are one - giving off lots of Carbon Dioxide. And another, is burning fossil fuels, such as coal- again giving off co2. These are among the biggest man- made problems contributing global warming.

Doing little things in our lives can help stop and reduce our carbon footprint. Obviously 1 person cutting back would not make much of a difference, but if many people each played a part, the World would be a slightly better place because of these actions. Here are
things to do:
By Callum & James
Because of the Earth's extra heat, (the blanket of Carbon Dioxide) the heat takes effect on environments around the globe. One main one in particular, is the Polar Regions, where there are large amounts of ice. The rising temperature causes this ice to slowly crumble and melt away. With all this ice melting away, the Polar Bear's home is dissapearing with them having to swim further and further out to find ice. They are relying on environments such as the ice caps, and glaciers not to melt, in order to live.

1. Recycle
2. Drive Less
3. Use Less Hot Water
4. Buy energy efficient things
5. Turn off light bulbs when not needed
6. Use less heat
7. Buy products with less packaging
8. Turn the TV off after use
9. Take the bus
10. Encourage others to
The Ozone Layer
The Polar Ice Caps
The rising Sea levels
As a clue in the name, global warming happens globally. Emmisions that cause global warming happen all around the world where is rises into the atmosphere, and gives different effects on the whole world.
The effects of Global Warming happen all around the world, depending on the environment. Bubbles will show the biggest effects that has happened and will continue to develop into the future, because of global warming.
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