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Copy of PowerPoint Import

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Eifer Antipuesto

on 26 August 2014

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Transcript of Copy of PowerPoint Import

Milena Flament
2012, 2013, and 2014
Local Fund Budget
Order of
BEAM Division
Comparative Presentation:
2014 and 2015
Local Fund Budget Framework
August 27, 2014
RBMO Accomplishments
19th Founding Anniversary
Regional Budget
and Management Office

Working Policies:
Its Implementation and Effects

The submission of weekly reports every Thursday proved to be essential to the office as it provides fresh updates from the operations of every division.

It also gives information about the recent accomplishments of every staff members.

Organized Reporting within the Office

Drafting of RBMO Manual of Operations and Citizens Charter

Citizen's Charter

Compliance to the
Transparency Seal

As per National Budget Circular 542, issued by the Department of Budget and Management on August 29, 2012, which reiterates compliance with Section 93, which is the Transparency Seal Provision of the General Appropriations Act of FY2012, the Regional Budget Management Office established an Official Website.

The RBMO strives for the continuous improvement of the website as it aims for total transparency and good governance being the overall goal of the Regional Government

As ordered by ARMM Executive Secretary Atty. Laisa Alamia, the Regional Budget and Management Office proposed a new and more organized Supplies and Materials Procurement Flowchart to comply with the COA Audit Report and ultimately, to effect accountability to the requesting agencies. The new flowchart was first deliberated during the MANCOM Meeting last April 23, 2014.

The recommendations were properly consolidated and were consequently incorporated to the flowchart before its presentation to the Executive Secretary with the heads of ARMM agencies on May 9, 2014. Subsequently, the flowchart was approved and used by the agencies as per Memorandum Order No.224 and 225 dated May 22, 2014.

Proposed New Supplies and Materials Transaction

RBMO being both a member and secretarial assisted the committee in its utmost effort. For every RBCC meeting, RBMO provided a technical assistance team that would perform and regulate the necessary functions. This support team rendered services for various tasks ranging from the drafting of the memorandum to the preparation of the minutes of the meeting.

The RBMO Manual of Operations will serve as a guide not only for the members of the Office but also to the external clients. This document will encapsulate the operations and implemented policies and procedures herein.

Meanwhile, the crafted Citizen’s Charter will be the guide of external clients to understand the functions of RBMO.

Serving as RBCC Secretariat

Establishment of Agency Quarterly Assessment

The RBMO ensures that every agency are able to submit their accomplishment report quartey for monitoring and evaluation

Because of this effort, the agencies become more responsible and active especially in updating their programs and projects. these assessments also serves as the basis whether the agencies are doing their deliverables and thus can be the basis for budget releases.
Establishment of RBMO Management System
Aside from providing fast and accurate information to the LF Agency's queries, the program also aims to install a systematic processing, centralized storing and retrieving of information related to LF Budget
Standardization of ARMM CoS Salary
Standardization or uniformity of salalarie of the Contract o Service Personnel will be used by the different agencies as their basis in drafting their own Contracts intended for their personnel as instructed by the Regional Governor during the management committee meeting.

This policy is enforced to observe equality over the indistinguishable contract of service positions and to observe a standard rate in every position.
Strict Implementation of "No Report, No Release" Policy
To ensure agency accomplishment, accountability reports were required to each agency before their Local Funds will be released.

This year, upon the request of the regional Governor to regularly monitor the agency performance on a monthly basis and to keep track of their accomplishment. A "no report, no release policy"is strictly implemented.

This results to accounted savings from the LF Budget. Moreover, this policy serves as the reminder to the LF Agencies to be responsible, transparent and accountable.
Institutionalization of RBCC in the Local and National Budget Process
With the initiation of the RBMO being a member and secretariat, the dynamic leadership of the Executive Secretary as the chairperson, and the active participation of all members, the RBCC has a pivotal role in the institutionalization of the Local Fund Budget process of the region.

With this reform initiative, proper planning and proper budgeting were done in accordance with the budget framework and parameters (budget call) set by the RBCC and approved by the Regional Governor.
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