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What are the reasons for extreme poverty in sub-saharan Afr

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Carla Drouart

on 1 April 2016

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Transcript of What are the reasons for extreme poverty in sub-saharan Afr

What are the reasons for extreme poverty in sub-saharan Africa & how can they be adressed?
1) Geographic presentation

2) Historical review

3) The issues faced by Sub-saharan Africa

4) Possible solutions
1) Geographic presentation
Climate : TROPICAL hot & humid

1531, first european settlement by Portuguese explorers Zembezi & Tete
2) Historical review
Lily Gilroy
Carla Drouart
Maxime Dejean
Théo Auby

a region of 48 African countries
fully or partially located south of the Sahara desert
divided into 4 sub-regions : West Africa, East Africa, Central Africa, Southern Africa
Population: 936 million inhabitant in 2013, prevision of 1.5 billion by 2050
Land area: 23 589 596 square kilometers
- an average temperature of 64 degrees F
-no big temperature variations, but variation of rainfall
- particular climate due to the
: the International Convergence Zone, a band of atmosphere currents that circles the globe around the equator
-The Horn of Africa : one of the driest part of the continent
Resources : -rich with valuable mineral resources (metals, oil, diamonds..)
-lots of foreign investment, extraction and exploration, that can be at the heart of Africa's issues
The Triangular trade, 18th-19th century
11 million people taken out from Africa to the Americas
Post WWII : Beginning of independende struggles
From 1990's to nowadays, a greater
human misery
3) Issues faced by sub-Saharan Africa
Sub Saharan Africa is today's one of the most poorest region on Earth
In 2006, 46% of sub Saharan people lived on 1.25 per day
That's 1 in 3 people who live in that region that is hungry
sufficient income
, therefore not enough food to live on
harmful economic and politic systems that are held by rich minorities
: people living in a conflict zone are 50% more likely to be impoverished and are forced to leave there belongings behind
: Africa faces erosion, deforestation, droughts and water shortages which reduces agricultural production
All these reasons therefore cause parables such as poverty but also diseases, hunger, no education and many other
4) Remedies to poverty in sub-Saharan Africa
need of strong, stable and concerned government
invest in agricultural policies
provide welfare packages
to develop more public industries
face the problem of armed conflicts in the area
give the population a better access to education
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