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Corsair k70 gamers choice

No description

Jaffrey yeng

on 14 July 2016

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Transcript of Corsair k70 gamers choice

Corsair k70 gamers choice
The Corsair k70 comes equipped with the choice of Cherry MX red keys and Cherry MX brown keys each are impressive but both serve a different purpose the Cherry MX reds are fast while the Cherry MX browns are mushier and are more precise. however both are amazing for gaming
Chromatic Lighting
The k70 comes with an amazing wide selection of the colour spectrum with the default colour as rainbow spectrum you can make your own chromatic colour scheme or select a community made one on corsair software.
Customization is easy on the corsair software and keyboard select and search for any lighting mode from the community or make it yourself is its not made yet post it to help the community and your fellow gamers
Having such an expensive keyboard means having a relatively large price being one of the most expensive keyboards on the market you can find the iconic k70 around 200 canadian dollars online and in stores. This money is not wasted you will love your new keyboard.
As far as performance is concerned the Corsair k70 destroys all other keyboards.
The quick and light feeling of the keys respond faster and more reliably than any other keyboard
Highest quality gaming keyboard available - Jeffrey
The Corsair k70 gaming keyboard boasts an impressive aluminum build light and durable the keyboard looks great and can sustain years and years of gaming a total of 60 million keystrokes.
Overall rating
This amazing keyboard will forever be remembered as a keyboard that set a standard for next gen keyboards 9.5/10 - Jeffrey
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