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ELIAS My Golf History Timeline

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on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of ELIAS My Golf History Timeline

My Golf History Timeline
By: Elias Nmeir 4 Grade Ms. Voss
Begging of Golf
In 1421 a new sport got invented
In 1421 Hugh Kennedy invented golf with Robert Steward in Scotland. They did golf there so that people in Scotland can have a new sport. This change happened so that Scotland can have a new sport and to pass the sport around with other people all over the world.
This was the first step for golf.
Pebbles were the first ball used in golf.
There was a man that got a pebble and stared throwing it at a flag and next to the flag there was a hole if the ball would fall in a hole you would get a point. People used a pebble instead of a balls. People didn't use balls because in the old days people did not know what a ball is. This change made golf improve allot in golf. It might seem wired but pebbles were golfs first ball.
Wooden Ball
In allot of years golf made a golf upgrade
People changed to wood balls because playing with a old moldy rock was kind-of hard. Every one knows that round balls are better than old rocks. These balls are made out of wood. This change helped so many people because when they would throw it it bounce and would not get stuck in the ground. The wooden ball was the second step to golf balls.
Feathery Ball
In 1800 golf balls changed from wood balls to a feathery ball. People changed to the feathery ball because the wood ball was just to heavy to throw. The wood balls in the old days were made out of a really heavy wood. That's what made it hard to throw. This change helped people play and throw with no difficulty. The feathery ball was the last change of golf balls.
Golf Sticks 1917
In 1917 people invented golf sticks.
People made golf sticks out of carved tree wood that has a tiny part at the bottom of the stick that is to hit a ball. They made this change so that could send the ball to a farther distances and to score faster. The stick change helped about 1 million people.
Precious Metals Sticks

In 1980 golf sticks changed to precious metals. They made this change to swing the ball even farther. Example with wood sticks you would send it 200 meters but with precious metal's you would send it 400 hundred meter's. These sticks were made out of (Gold, Bronze, Silver, Copper and Metal. This change was made to help people. This was the best change to golf people.


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