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Types of Governments

No description

M Davis

on 30 August 2018

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Transcript of Types of Governments

Types of Governments
Government where
1 person
has power
Usually seize (grab) control by force
Free to do as they please
Citizens usually have NO rights
ONE party rules all
ONE person makes
Totalitarian System
System usually used by Dictators to control EVERYTHING
Government controls ALL aspects of life
Including: TV, radio, newspapers
One Party Rule
Presidential Democracy
Government Authority based on the will of the people
Citizens either vote on issues directly, or they elect representatives to make government decisions for them
Enjoy basic rights
Government without a King or Queen

People in a Republic elect Representatives

INSTEAD of 1 person making decisions, you elect people to do that for you. (make sure you vote or DO NOT complain)
Older form of government
Government run by religious leaders
Claims to be directed by god
People of other religions are not allowed
...Rule by Divine Right
Ruler who INHERITS power
Power automatically passes from monarch to children
Constitutional Monarchy

Monarch who shares power...with elected legislature
Protected for citizens =
Limited Power
Means that the King or Queen claims absolute power
Rulers claimed to hold power by "divine right", or the will of God.
Ordinary citizens had NO rights or freedoms, except the ones that the monarch allowed
-Government ruled by few, usually 2-3 people
Unlimited Power vs Limited Power
The King can do
WHATEVER he wants!
Definition of Government:
The action of controlling or regulating a country, state, organization, or people.
Limited Power-

government whose power exists WITH limits that are established by a constitution (set of laws) or other source of authority.
Unlimited Power-

government WITHOUT restriction or limits to its power. This government usually treats their citizens poorly and without basic rights. (Speech, press, religion. etc.)
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