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No description

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of ONE DIRECTION

Since he was formed one direction?
To top Louis, Liam, Niall and Harry were presented as soloist on x factor on 2010, they eliminated.
Then they called back and together, so I from one direction.
were called by Simon Cowell and ther band now are:

Niall 21 years
Zayn 21 years
Harry 20 years
Louis 22 years
Liam 21 years
The history of Niall
Niall James Horan her birthday is on
the 13 th September.
And grew up in a small town called Mullinger(Ireland).

Niall demonstrated a talent for singing and performing during his school years, learning to play the guitar and winning a small local music competition when he was 12.
At the age of 16, he auditioned for the television show the x factor
The history of Zayn
Zayn Jawaad Malik he's birthday is on
12th January.
Zayn loved drama at school and landed
a role in the school production of Grease
in he's early teens before joining the school
He leaved in Bradford (England)

In 2010 when he was 17 Zayn
auditioned in Manchester for the x factor.

The history of Louis
Louis William Tomlinson , birthday is in 24 th december , he leaved South Yorkshire, England.
He is the oldest member of one direction.
He first auditionated for the x factor in 2009 but he was turned down.
Louis tried out for the second time in 2010 and he united to one direction.
The story of Harry
The story of Liam
Harry Edward Styles was born in Worcestershire, England.
He's birthay is on the 1st February.
Harry's parents divorced when he was seven and he, his mum and his sister moved to the Cheshire countryside into a pub in Holmes Chapel.He attended Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School.
After school and on weekends , he worked at the W. Mandeville bakery in Holmes Chapel.
In 2010, when he was 16 years old , Harry was presented in the tv program x factor. And later he went to One Direction.
Liam James Payne born in Wolverhampton. He's birthay is on 29th August.
He was born three weeks early and up to the age of four he was frequently ill. It was later discovered that one of his kidneys wasn't functioning properly.
Liam joined his school choir in his third year at secondary school and in 2008 at the age of 14, tried out for the x factor. He continued to sing and on his second attempt at the x factor in 2010 and he goes to one direction.
One Direction (2010)
The discs of One Direction
The first disc was: Up all night
The second disc was : Take me home
The third disc was: Midnight memories
The fourth disc is : four
My music favorite
My music favorite is steal my girl
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