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Religious Studies 15

No description

Dante Spohn

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of Religious Studies 15

Christ and Culture. 1. Belonging Religious Studies 15 2. Beloning in the Catholic Church 3. Christianity 4. Christian Mortality To be Human is? Who has Culture? The God Question? To understand what it means to be human from a Catholic prespective. To examine the dynamics nature of culture as a context for meaning. To understand that Jesus' proclamation of the "kingdom of God"transform lives and cultures. Theme 12 Friendship. Theme 13 Intimacy, Sexuality and Love. To explore within the context of cultural influences the meaning of friendship. To explore the desire for intimacy in our live and in our culture. To explore the nature of Christanity the local comunity and their beleifs (i.e.' Church of England(Anglican), Lutheran Church, Presbyterian Church, Orthodox Catholic Church). Theme 20 - The Catholic Church. To explore the structures and meaning of the institutional church. Theme 21 - the presence of God's Spirit in the Catholic Church. To develop an understanding of the Catholic Chuch and its mission. Theme 22 - Encountering Christ in the Sacraments. To explore the sacramental life of the church. Advent @ CCH
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