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Christmas presentation for English class

A presentation about a passion of mine, Christmas, made specially for English class.

Cheyenne Edwards

on 24 March 2015

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Transcript of Christmas presentation for English class

The most wonderful time of the year
Funny facts
A few more
Thanks for listening!
The word Christmas was not used until the 11th century -> Yule was first used
Christ's Mass
Became a thing in the 19th century
Didn't send cards until about 1840
Christmas trees because of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert
Santa Claus is a mix
Some countries celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January
The trees
Santa hats
Christmas lights
Cute ornaments
Good food
The music
The movies
Positive vibes
Bonus: ugly warm sweaters
Crooners !!!!!!!
+ the traditional stuff sung by choirs et cetera
Frank Sinatra
Nat King Cole
James Dean
Bing Crosby
A Christmas Carol
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Sissi (on tv every year)
Sissi: die junge Kaiserin
Sissi: Schicksalsjahre einer Kaiserin
Can you say Merry Christmas in another language?
because I can not
The candy cane

The X in Xmas

95% of all Americans celebrate Christmas (only 75% of the U.S. is Christian), and just 51% of the holiday’s celebrators consider it a “strongly religious” holiday

An estimated 1 of 3 people worldwide celebrate Christmas
The date of December 25th

Where do Japanese people traditionally eat?

All letters addressed to Santa in the United States go to Santa Claus, Indiana

I got a little something for you
Christmas trees
Best colour?
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