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No Where to Call Home by Nathan Pritts

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of No Where to Call Home by Nathan Pritts

Nathan Pritts
A Nowhere to call home timeline
Chapter 1
In this chapter Frankie finds out that her dad went suicide after Black Thursday because he lost all of his money. After this Frankie is forced to live with her Aunt because the bank is selling her house.
Chapter 2
In chapter 2 Frankie gets a visit from the bank saying that they will have to sell the house and Frankie has to go live with her aunt. Frankie is up set that she has to go live with her aunt that she hardly knew.
Chapter 3
Frankie is packing up and over heard Junius talking about being a hobo. Frankie tries to persuade Junius to let her be a hobo with him. But Junius say no.
Chapter 4
Frankie doesn't want to go live at her aunts but the servants are explaining to her how lucky she is to have a aunt that will take her in. Frankie once again tries to get Junius to take her with him but is denied again.
Chapter 5
Frankie exchanges her train ticket for money and decides to run off as a hobo. while running off she buys male cloths and cuts her hair and try to get in a boxcar.
Chapter 6
Frankie meets stewpot in the box car after she starts playing her harmonica and he compliments he on her playing. Frankie and stewpot then start to become more of friends than strangers.
Chapter 7
Frankie and Stewpot are becoming better friends. While in the car Frankie shares some food with Stewpot. Stewpot tells Frankie how he is on the road looking for a job. Frankie then starts to doze of in the train and will wake up in the next chapter.
chapter 8
I chapter 8 Frankie and Stewpot start to head to the jungle in Pits Burg. On the way to the jungle they meet five other hobos also heading the same way.
Chapter 9
In chapter 9 Frankie realizes that its not unusual for girls to be hobo's. Later that chapter Frankie and Stewpot go to a farm and work for some food
chapter 10
In chapter ten all of the hobos at the jungle help pitch in a little bit of food to help make the stew that they are having.At night Frankie plays her harmonica for them.
Chapter 11
In chapter eleven Frankie wakes up to find at her bag is missing, when they find her bag but some of her items inside had been stolen from it.
Chapter 12
This chapter Frankie and stewpot decide to leave the jungle and get back on the road before they head off they stop by a pawn shop and Frankie gets a knife, after that they head down to the tobacco shop and stewpot gets a bunch of empty boxes from the store owner
Chapter 13
Frankie jumps on her first train while its moving. When on board the get into a cart full of oranges and eat those until they are full.
chapter 14
chapter 15
chapter 16
chapter 19
chapters 20-21
chapter 22
Chapter 23
Chapter 24-26
In chapter 14 Stewpot teaches Frankie how to whittle with her new knife on the train ride to Cincinnati.
Frankie tries to get stewpot to read a book but Stewpot keeps refusing which hints to the fact that Stew cant read.
For the first time Frankie jumps out of a moving train with Stew. After that she gets a hole in her jeans from the jump. After that she learns about fence signs and she and Stew get food and a new pair of jeans from a lady.
prezi is there

Frankie and Stew head to St.Louis, once there they get arrested by one of the bulls and put in jail for the night.. Stewpot is starting to feel a bit worse.
Frankie and stew head to spend a night at the mission so that they have a warm place with food.
They leave the Mission and start to head towards the Rock Mountains. Stewpot is getting sicker and Frankie buys some medicine to try to help.
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