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ICT: Using a prezi

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luis cisneros

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of ICT: Using a prezi

ICT: Using a prezi
"Idioms using food"
Once the process has been conducted repeatedly, students will have a list of idioms using food in their notebooks.
1. introduce the strategy for presenting topic: dictation.
1. To provide examples of popular idioms using food.
- Laptop.
- Video beam.
- Students notebooks.
Seniors (11 grade students engaged in an intensive-English program). B 1 - C1 threshold.
2. To bring back vocabulary about food by using pictures.
3. To help students infer the meaning of the idiom.
2. Read aloud the first statement and ask students to copy it in their notebooks.
3. Display the first slide, which contains the statement you just read for the class.
4. Display the second slide, which contains
the food mentioned in the idiom (recalling vocabulary).
5. Guide students towards understanding the meaning of the idiom.
6. Elicit further examples from some students using the same idiom.
A follow-up activity can have them role-play a conversation about their classmates using some of the idioms studied in class.
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