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How were Venetians Regarded in Shakespearean Time

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Nico Desai

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of How were Venetians Regarded in Shakespearean Time

By Nico Desai
How were Venetians Regarded in Shakespearean Time
How the Elizabethans Viewed Venetians
Viewed as:
had uncontrollable temperaments
acted without thinking twice
How the Geographical location influenced Venetians world views
mix of different ethnicities and cultures gave Venetians a more open minded view of different races and cultures
The Venetian State
Considered by all wealth and powerful

Important hub for military and political officials

Resulted in pride and arrogance
How Venetians were more realistically
Males and females seen as flashy and passionate people
Easy giving of their love
Also viewed as: scheming
cunning masters of secret planning

To sum it up
there were two different views of the Venetians in the 17th century
The Elizabethan view which was constisted of mostly negative characteristics and the more realistic world view which consisted of a lot of positive and negative characteristics
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