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Coverflow Business Plan

No description

Tim Chang

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Coverflow Business Plan

Rock out for a good cause - & raise $x00k/year?
Next-gen hybrid band: best elements of live act + DJ
Hack the music biz: combine the tech/corporate, celeb & non-profit communities to play hi-profile shows Live band format: 5 core members + female singer(s)
Members are prominent tech execs
Multi-genre modular sets: 70s, 80s, 90s, Now - rock, pop, hip-hop, EDM
Party-oriented mash-ups/medleys
Traditional + new digital instruments
Strong production value: costumes, smoke machines, lighting
Celeb guest performances Regular rehearsal schedule?
Sampler triggers for drums, guitars
Dedicated A/V staff & rig?
Virtual band manager
Virtual roadies Goal: raise $x00k/year for charities
3-4 "Tent-pole Shows"/year: SV Voice, Little Kids Rock, _____
Additional for-profit and corporate shows: Performance Fee starting at $X for Charity + Operating Costs
Charity / Non-profit shows: optional performance fee + backline and sound tech rental
Tie-in with celebs, charities, and corporate sponsors
Free shows for PR, press, audience building exposure: VatorSplash, tech conferences, corporate events VatorSplash
Silicon Valley Voice (SVB)
Silicon Valley Rocks
Major charities: Little Kids Rock, DoSomething, CharityWater
Charter School Galas
Corporate & Startup Private Events: EA, Fandalism, Poshmark
Coverflow-produced events
Tech conferences / Events: Tony Hsieh's Vegas Downtown, SxSW, FoundersForum, Plug n Play, X-media Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
Email newsletter
Fan loyalty rewards
Audio/video recordings
Partner marketing (non-profits, corporate, event)
Celeb + non-profit PR
Contests (e.g. SV Voice)
PR, Biz Press & Media Silicon Valley / Tech industry and press
Hollywood / Media - celebs & their non-profits
Major Non-profits / Charities: LittleKidsRock
Education 2.0 scene?
Tech & Corporate event planners
General nightlife promoters?
Party and club booking agents
Corporate sponsors: SVB

Action Items:
SV Voice Corporate sponsor targets: EA, Apple, Digi, Google, IBM, Soundtracking, Spotify, Pandora, Intel, Facebook, Twitter
SV Voice Tech influencer advisors
SV Voice celeb judges and guest performers: Far East Movement, Jared Leto, Glitch Mob 3-4 high-profile events: SV Voice, Little Kids Rock, ___
Raising $250k for charity ($200k SV Voice)
__ fill-in gigs to try new material and build following 2013 Business Plan Coverflow Resources:
Press: WSJ, Forbes, TechCrunch
Booking Managers and Agents:
Event Planners/Producers: Vator, SVrocks,
A/V: Bamm.TV
Sound tech/rental: JK Sound
Corporate Partner/Sponsors: SVB
Charities: KIPP, LittleKidsRock, AdoptTheArts, CAPE, DoSomething
Alpha Fans: Rick Marini, Pam Burdak, Peter Pham
Celebs: Far East Movement
Band manager:
Guest Musicians: Drew Houston, SVV contestants Open Items & Questions:
Time commitment from band members vs. travel schedules?
Cash investment from band members?
Communication flow - most effective tools?
Using Zirtual, Taskrabbit, etc for outsourcing, band manager
Who owns which areas (Marketing, etc.)?
# New Songs / Month Action Items:
Additional members: 1 or 2 female leads? Dancers? DJ? Other?
Expand setlist: rock set, just-for-fun jams, hip-hop, longer medleys, etc.
Additional costumes & color schemes (red/white?)
Multimedia presentation, banner, light show/lasers
Choreographed stage moves PRODUCT Action Items:
try Zirtual for virtual band manager
use TaskRabbit for roadie help?
find booking agent LOGISTICS/OPS Business Model Shows/Gigs Marketing Action Items:
Someone needs to own Marketing!
setup systems for emails, invites, etc.
buy FB & Twitter Likes, Fans and Followers to create perception of critical mass
Get @coverflow Twitter handle
Identify alpha fans to recognize & reward Distribution Channels/Partners 2013 Goals
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