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Nasir ud-din Muhammad Humayun

No description

Sidra Khan

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of Nasir ud-din Muhammad Humayun

Born: March 17, 1508
Died: January 27, 1556
- Hamida Banu Begum

- Akbar
- Al-aman Mirza
- Bakshi Banu Begum

Astrology and Mathematics.

Taught to speak Turkish, Persian and Arabic.

At an early age, it was decided that he would soon take the throne.
Early Reign
The first battle he took part in was in Panipat, India, today known as Haryana.
After that battle, his father, Babur, established the Mughal Empire.
Humayun inherited this empire in 1530 after his father's death.
He divided the emipre between him and his 3 brothers.
While going down the library staircase, he heard azzan and bowed down and tumbled down the stairs...
It was rumored that someone pushed him down the stairs by a spy.
Inherited a weak empire surrounded by enemies

Chose to expand it and tried to make it stronger

Soon started traveling to conquor land in India

Sher Khan desided to take Agra from Humayun while he was away

1539: The Mughals defeated Sher Khan at Chusa

1540: Sher Khan defeated the Mughal at Kanauj
Nasir ud- din Muhammad Humayun
His Kingdom
- Babur
- Maham Begum

- Kamran Mirza
- Aksair Mirza
- Hindal Mirza
His Kingdom

He fled to Laore and later to Sindh

He met a Persian and married her in 1541

He went to Iran and was granted military aid

Conquered Kandahar and took control of Kabul

Took Delhi from Khan and Agra
Cousin, Zohaib
His tomb
* Astrology- study of planets and human behavior
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