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Parris Hagans

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of Illuminati

New World Order
is a collective
secret society effort put forth by the global power elite.
The global government is planned to be putting power over politics, religion, and economics but only in the hands by a select few.
Power of The New World Order
The Truth
The Illuminati conspiracy
enabling the most creative and productive geniuses in society to bring forth unbelievable new technologies and values that will ensure health, wealth, and safety of everyone—an absolute deception.
The delusion of these visionaries think in their denial that eventually the New World Order will lead to a standardized global system of government, which will operate solely to protect the individual rights of all global citizens.
The combined powers of the darkness comprehends the universal law of free choice.
power elite must present their plan to produce the separation process between the light and the darkness.
There is a large majority who are still dwelling within their denial, fear, ignorance, and delusions despite truthful information scattered around the internet about the New World Order of Darkness.

Illuminati was founded on May 1, 1776, by Adam Weishaupt, a 28 year old professor of religious law in the city of Germany called Ingolstadt as the order of the Illuminati, with an initial membership of 5.
He opposed religion and favored scientific pursuits.
The goals of the organization included trying to eliminate superstition, prejudice, and the Roman Catholic Church’s domain.
Also tried to reduce oppressive state abuses of power, and trying to support the education and treatment of women as intellectual equals.
The "All Seeing Eye" within a triangle and on the top of an unfinished pyramid has been used symbolically in several ways over time, adopting various meanings.
The inverted cross, the double cross or any other perversions of the Cross of Christ are typical Illuminati taunts at God himself.
Six hundred threescore and six is the Number of the Beast as described in Revelation 13.
The name
was given to different religious societies because of their claim to superior enlightenment.
Some people think that it is a organization that existed during the Enlightenment Era
It consisted of free thinkers who opposed prejudice the Roman Catholic Church's religious would control and gender inequality.
Today, most
"experts" agree it is a modern-day secret society that is made of up powerful and elite individuals who conspire to control the world-politic, government, religion, and entertainment.
is a group that practices a form of faith known as “enlightenment”, if you are an
member you are ” enlightened”, or have more knowledge than the rest of humanity.
A select group of family bloodlines has manipulated the way the rest of the population live their lives.
They do this by controlling the banking system, the media, world governments, large industry, telecommunications, the internet, just about everything.

The term
was used according to its purest and original definition.
was originally referred to those individuals who devoted themselves to Divine Wisdom and Christ Illumination.
It is a conspiracy theory that tells that there is a "global elite" society.
It is either in control of the world or is seeking to take over the world in beliefs regarding the
the idea of an
conspiracy became one of the more popular conspiracy myths feeding off waves of paranoia in the Western Public.
-people claiming to possess special enlightenment or knowledge of something
Illuminati is a Latin word meaning "enlightened ones" sponsors the NEW WORLD order.
Throughout the generations, the Power Elite has overshadowed different secret societies.
The Illuminati secret society branch was founded during the year of the American Revolution.
The Power Elite of the governments, bankers, and the wealthy use different secret societies to dominate humanity.
The modern day term
predominates all secret societies and is a name that adverts to multiple groups within our current era.
Duke Karl Theodor banned secret societies in the year 1785.
The Illuminati had to become more of a secret organization then it already was.
The truth is that the Illuminati has been in existence and is some form or another since of mankind.
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Define Illuminati
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