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No description

Samar Magdy

on 29 September 2015

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Transcript of Egyptawya!

so! what is Egypt ???
Thank you!
Let's break some ice!
Game Time :
A guessing game ;
I will reveal 3 important numbers in my life .
you guess what do those numbers indicate.
Are Egyptians superstitious ???!!
some Americans will consider this sometimes
There's More to Egypt Than Just Pyramids!
A Journey from Egypt to America.
Cultural Differences & Misconceptions ??!
1- physical contact& Greetings
hospitality is every Egyptian's middle name .
For example, Islam encourages nicer replies to any greetings received, and often this inspires beautiful rounds of compliments and blessing .
Tip :
Body Language
Snapping Fingers
we don't feel very comfortable in public rest rooms
3- cultural Shyness
we don't say what we need
we don't roam our host houses
we don't hate dancing .
But ! you should forget about all that and take a white taxi
so are some Egyptians !
There are some other differences & similarities like

But this will be another Topic
one final advice :
Don't fall in love with an Egyptian ?
I will tell you next time
for further information
please don't hesitate to contact me
Folding Arms
Crossing Legs
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