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Eric McEneany

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of hi

Consumers A person that uses products. The growth of sports and entertainment industries relied on consumers with free time. Discretionary income Money left to spend after necessary expenses are paid and a desire for recreation. Kinetoscope A device used for viewing new phenomenon, moving pictures. Vendors A seller of products. Product A good or service any for profit industry sells to its customers. Willingness/time
Discretionary income
Consumers The wealthy No time and little wages Working class/labor unions Transportation Kinetoscope The Great Depression and World War 2 Grandstand entertainment The creator of Paramount Pictures. Created Hollywood studio system. Marketing professionals can't rely on just entertainment they have to rely on sports also. The overlapping of sports stars and the products they endorse. Eric McEneany
Zach Gaffney Grade B-#18 How is marketing different today compared
to the past-Your answer was a little incomplete.
Full answer might look like this:
"selling tickets to a ball game isn't enough, marketers want to sell season tickets (not just individual tickets) have patrons return for the sequel of the movie, and purchase goods related to the team or movie.
Mrs. Speis
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