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The Roles & Work of an Auditor

No description

Cindy Chen

on 21 July 2011

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Transcript of The Roles & Work of an Auditor

They make decisions based on:
Own opinion
Own judgement Review financial records
Checks its accuracy
Looks for errors The job requires a need to work late nights They help the government to... Hired by companies to:
Make sure material is stated correctly
Records are free from misstatements Regulate fair presentation of financial statements other management positions CFO or CEO Internal auditors can lead up to.. Management The higher is their main client Improve management meet government objectives Assess quality of management A decision on whether or not you can form a opinion 4. Evaluation Quantity of Audit Evidence 3. Sufficiency Quality of the records Form of the evidence 1. Nature Four concepts of Audit Evidence Users of financial statements make important decision based on them Step 5: Become Professionally Certified Step 4: Complete an Internship Step 3: Specialize in Auditing Step 1: Determine Skills and Aptitude Female

62% Gender but it depends on your position General Public Internal auditor CFO They can become Difference? Main client is the board of directors/shareholders Stock Market Hired by that take part in the Public Companies Audit a different company Salary range in Canada: $35653 - $76629
Bonus: $490.68 - $10108
Total Pay: $33668 - $79255 Both examines many transactions What's the External Auditor
Internal Auditor Step 2: Get an Accounting Degree made by workers or on financial statements MISTAKES Correcting Why? Requirement It's a STRESS, This job does have What must an auditor do?
Uncover errors and frauds within financial records They validate financial statements 2. Appropriateness They make sure Internal Controls follow policies and laws Audit their own company and part of an organization It gives a clear idea of the a company's position It is mandatory to have a Certified Public Accountant audit How To Become an Auditor What exactly is an Auditor? Role of an Auditor What is it like being an Auditor? External auditors travel a lot and move from place to place Five Main Steps in Becoming an Auditor Internal External They recommend improvements to the company Companies become more effective and efficient Advise management on Major operations Issue an opinion on the FAIRNESS and ACCURACY of financial reports Prevent fake information on financial statments and FRAUD What are the two types of Auditors? How much do they make? What is the use of an auditor? Work cited The Roles & Work of an Auditor
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