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A Long Walk to Water

No description

kaila howard

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of A Long Walk to Water

A long Walk to water
By: Linda Sue Park
war hit Salva's village and the people fled
Salva was in a large group of people that were leaving Sudan
as they went along more people joined the group
they kept traveling
They came to a barn and slept in it
the group went on but left Salva behind
salva was by himself

along came a women and found salva

The woman let Salva stay.
The woman gave Salva food
The woman was going to leave but not with Salva
The woman told Salva that if he went with her the soldiers would not put them in the group
As she was ready to leave a group was walking by and the woman told them to take Salva
so Salva went with the group and they traveled...
and traveled...
and traveled...
Finds his uncle in the group
Many people are lost during the long journey
Including Salva's uncle. He was shot.
Salva met a new friend named Marial.
Salva used to feel safe because his uncle had a gun.
Salva and the others went to a refugee camp in Ethiopia.
Salva and everybody in the the refugee camp were driven out of Ethiopia.
Salva starts traveling to Kenya and a group of boys starts to follow him.
Then Salva stays at a refugee camp in Kenya.
Salva gets an offer to the USA.
Salva gets a new family in America
He hears about his father that was in a hospital
Salva went to see his father
Salva wanted to raise money to help his family in the countrey of Sudan
Southern Sudan, 2008
Nya has to walk to a pond everyday for her life it takes 3 days to walk to the pond.
When Nya got back home her mother told her to take Akeer, her little sister, with her to the pond.
Nya's father and brother went out to go hunting, while Nya's mother was worried because she thought they wouldn't survive.
Nya discovered that Akeer was sick and so she told her mother and they took Akeer to the hospital.
When they came back two men arrived in a big truck.
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