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Why did the nationalists win the spanish civil war?

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Will Schlegel

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Why did the nationalists win the spanish civil war?

Economic weakness
from the USSR
Republican weakness #3
Foreign Aid to Republicans
The aid from the USSR primarily was far more limited than that given to the nationalist cause
main ally was the USSR
The soviets saved the republic in 1936-37 by enabling it to fight
aircrafts and tanks were sent from the USSR
no troops
The republicans had to pay for the tanks and aircrafts with all of its gold reserves
International brigades set up by the soviet comitern helped fight
35,000 foreign volunteers were sent to fight
impact however was limited
1938 the support was withdrawn
France sent aid initaially
however when it joined with Britian's policy of non-intervention, aid was stopped
Monday, March 31, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Political Dissension
Republican weakness #1
Military Problems
Republican Weakness #2
Cabarello became the head of the coalition government in 1936
rule was weakened by divisions within the republican party
between the socialists/ communists and anarchists
Communists& Socialists believed revolution should happen when war is won
primary influence in Madrid and Valencia
Anarchists believed war would only be won through revolutionary policies
primary influence in Catalonia, Argon, and Andalucia
War increased Communist popularity
July 1936: 40,000 members
October 1937: 400,000 members
only republican group with foreign support (USSR)
May Days 1937
street fights between communists&socialists vs. The anarchists and The Partido Obreo Unificacion Marxista (POUM)
example of further political dissension

Why did the nationalists win the spanish civil war?
Overall Lack of Military Leadership
No unified command
communists and anarchists would not work together
anrachists militias refused to be lead by centeral command
Republican war effort was dependent on small and ineffective miliatias
Instead of fighting the overall war, many small conflicts were fought
these were not replaced my more unified war tactics until mid 1937
Public utilities, transport, industries, and farms were under anarchist control.
could not supply the needs of the republican war effort
food and raw material greatly impaced the war effort
as did inflation
inflation reached 300% during the war
Nationalist Strengths
Nationalist Strengeth #1
Political Unity
one of the major strengths of the nationalsists
was only acheived once Franco assumed power
Franco came into power because of his position in command of the army of africa and because important german aid came through him
Franco united Carlists and the Falange
Carlists had around ,000 and the falange approximatly 1 million.
the parites were unided as the Falange Española tradicional
The church also sided with the nationalist cause
denounced atheist communism
promoted further nationalistic unity
Nationalist Strength #2
Military Unity
at the beggining of the war similar problems to republicans
columns and small militias
they were integrated into an army quickly unilike the republicans
Army of Africa greatly assisted
containted the best troops
covered for other forces
Nationalists Military were united under one widely accepted command
General Franco
able military and political leader
Republican Weaknesses
Nationalist Strength #4
Economic Advantages
Business community of spain backed the nationalists
this allowed nationalists to recieve credits to buy weapons and war supplies
Main food supply was under nationalist control
allowed the army to always be well fed
Main industrial areas also under nationalist control
Nationalists also had advantage of interantional trade with the United States of America
700 million in credits for rubber and oil
Foreign Aid
From Germany, Italy, and the United States
Crucial in nationalist victory
Germans and italians supported the entire duration of the war
Germany commited the Condor Legion
10,000 troops
800 aircrafts
200 tanks
Italy commited
70,000-75,000 troops
750 planes
150 tanks
All equiment sent by allied forces was much more advanced than that sent by the USSR
The U.S.A gave to the war effort by giving 700 million in credits
Works cited
Democracy and Civil war in spain 1931-1939 by Martin Blinkhorn
Mastering modern world history Fifth Edition by Noramn Lowe
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