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Eclecticism of Style in postmodern music

No description

Pat Robinson

on 19 May 2016

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Transcript of Eclecticism of Style in postmodern music

Eclecticism of Style
Eclecticism of Style in postmodern music
The three practitioners frequently use a range of styles within their works, be it a single track or within an album as a whole. This allows for a broad audience to access the works and adds nuances to the overall effect.
Brian Eno - Discreet Music
Mozzy Green - Robots

• Punk – scream at start.
• Minimalism – Cello ostinato/ like Steve Reich Diff Trains
• Folk – acoustic guitar picking
• Classical – use of cello – melodic line –at end.

Queen - A Night at the Opera

1.Found sound Folk guitar, spanish rubato in style/ Japanese Koto -
going into heavy metal insistent bass/rhythm,

2.Rising chromatic bass line orchestral type climax/ prog rock
Lyrics typically prog.

3.At end – into a capella round/ canonic motif – like a baroque cantata
Almost minimal in its fragmentation. Going into call and response – Hymn like. A capella

• Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon

Vaudeville/ Music Hall – like beatles…
Heavy metal guitar solo
Close harmonies (Beach Boys)
Recitative- operatic

Prophet's song
Eclectic within the whole album –use of
two note bass line,
skiffle band type sound,
American Country and Western style
different from most of the other in songs
Bohemian Rhapsody
Discreet Music (track) uses..

• Impressionism – merging of sounds,
• Ambient – non-climactic development of material over a period of time
• Minimalism – treatment of minimal idea in a range of ways e.g. Additive, cyclic process, augmentation, diminution.
Music Concrete

Variations – Fullness of Wind

• Baroque style evident in instrumentation
• Classical style evident in Variation form and length of movements
• Minimalism evident in manipulation of theme

French catalogues

• Classical string techniques – vibrato
• Consonant harmonies – relating to classical period
• Dissonant clashes – modernism/ serialism
• Flowing melodic line– relating to classical period
• Drone – relating to medieval style – in cellos/ basses

Brutal Ardour

• Electronic glissandi – manipulation of sound pitches

• Ambient music – lack of climaxes

• Minimalism – mergence of ideas
Dark Clouds of London
Dark Clouds of London
• Punkish lyrics relating to violence
• Classical – cello-under bridge section
• folk drone..
• Folk – acoustic guitar picking
• Improvisatory cello line Can you communicate

House of Make believe

• Sparse open harmonies – 5ths – reminiscent of medieval period.

• Film style – open AAh section


• Length – classical form 12’ in total
• Use of Piano sound on cello– almost satiesque
• Twangy Folkish guitar
• Voices at 7’ – almost African in style – unison
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