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No description

mira solam

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Places

How my origins have shaped me
By: Mira Solam

Great Grandpa Jack lived
1st New york
2nd Atlanta Georgia
3rd Seattle
My Origins Paper
Artifact Pictures
Great Grandma Matilda lived
1st New york
2nd Seattle
story's behind the artifacts
The dagger was used for war
My uncle sam was 16 years old when he went to war
He used his dagger several times
Interview Video
My family artifacts
These pictures were taken a while back
Was all my uncle had left because somebody stole his backpack
My family artifacts

Thank you for watching
Great Grandpa Jack
Lived in Rhodes for 16 years
He left because his dad sent him away so he wouldn't get drafted in the Turkish army
He was working for his uncle but it was a bad situation
A family friend sent him money to come to Seattle and work there
Great Grandma Matilda
Lived in Rhodes
She left to live with her oldest brother in New york
Her other brother wanted her to live with him so she moved to Seattle
Where my family has lived
Artifact Pictures
These pictures are of the Hanan family
These pictures have been passed down
1st picture is of my Great grandma Matilda and her sister
2nd picture is of my great grandma Matildas Parents and siblings
My Family Tree
The oldest photograph I have of my family
Great great grandparents
Shemuel and Rica Hanan
The photograph was taken in 1876
The Oldest recording of my family that I have is of my
, Uncle Bob, Anti Ester, Anti Rita, Uncle Ike, Grandma Bernice, Great grandpa Jack and Great Grandma Matilda Hanan.
This recording was taken in 1942-1943
Recording from 1941
Recording for my Great uncle Sam while he was away at world war 2
In 1941 you could make a recording on a record and send it to a loved one who was away at war and they would listen to it
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