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Absolut Vodka


Maria Mathews

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Absolut Vodka

STRATEGY Consumer: Clear concept of the company’s message and values Consumer: Confused brand image NEED FOR INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS (IMC)? Is an integrated ever evolving and changing mix of
mass marketing and more target personalised marketing sending out one clear consistent brand message. INTEGRATE MARKETING
COMMUNICATIONS STRATEGY Broadcasting SHIFTING MARKET COMMUNICATIONS MODEL Change from mass marketing such as Narrowcasting Towards targeted marketing and specialised areas
Product Placement in TV and games
Specialised channels, programmes and magazines
Video on demand VOD TV


Radio Company sends out a clear,
cohesive message
about the brand from
all areas of the company
through various medians. Company send out short-sighted message to relieve immediate barriers.
Over time, pre-purchase,
post-purchase etc
send out different messages with no long term goal or sight. Un-integrated Integrated Advertising Sales
Promotion Public
Relations Personal
Selling Direct
Marketing Promotion Mix - promotion tools
Communication - creative marketing
Strategy of 'continuity integrated with variety'
V&S's Distribution
Goal - to build a quality culture around a quality product SECRETS TO SUCCESS Kept original bottle design

Insignia added of L.O smith
(The King of Vodka)

Bottle became a Cult icon

1985- leading U.S vodka importer

Over 350 awards to date for “Bottle Ad Campaign” ABSOLUT SUCCESS American skepticism

Bottle neck too short

No Label

Unknown and invisible
to American Consumers Taking on America 1979 V&S made the decision to export the refined product to international market. THE NEXT STEP Lars Olsson Smith, late 18th century
Small Swedish town of Ahus. HUMBLE BEGINNINGS Revolutionised Vodka production with
continuous distillation technique. Branded the product
“Absolut Rent Brännvin” in1879. Gunnar Broman commissioned to design
the bottle.

Based on 18th century pharmaceutical bottle.
Concept of vodka as “medicine”
Apps EXAMPLES The Absolut Vodka website is a vibrant and interactive page.
It offers visitors to the page information on upcoming events
and any new designs or products. ONLINE DIRECT MARKETING Direct communications with carefully targeted individual customers to both

obtain an immediate response and
cultivate lasting customer relationships. DEFINITION Phone App ONLINE DIRECT MARKETING
The Absolut Vodka Facebook page is integrated with the
offline direct marketing of drinks promotions.
From the Facebook page visitors may view pictures of their drinks promotions. ONLINE DIRECT MARKETING Drinks Promotions OFFLINE DIRECT MARKETING telemarketing direct mailing internet E-mail
Interactive TV
Apps tailored to appeal to specific customers dialogue between
communicator and consumer Offline Drinks Promotions Online Website Facebook Absolut Vodka has joined in with the growing trend of apps. It brought out its own app which features the recipes for some lovely Absolut Vodka inspired cocktails. Displays and demonstrations to encourage purchase

Duty frees in all major airports across the world will have an Absolute Unique stand. POINT OF PURCHASE PROMOTIONS ‘Absolut Unique’ campaign is further celebrated by
Absolut Vodka Ireland

Design your own bottle

Win a free trip to Stockholm, Sweden – the creative home of ABSOLUT. COMPETITION CONTINUED Winning Design ‘Absolut Unique’ campaign

Held in the
Academy, Dublin COMPETITIONS Cross-Promotion Campaign Attract consumer attention and provide information that may lead to a purchase. CONSUMER PROMOTIONAL TOOLS Short term incentives to encourage purchase or sale of a product or service SALES PROMOTION Examples: FREEBIES SAMPLES AND COUPONS Cross-Promotional campaign with XS nightclub in LasVegas.

On entry guests given custom sunglasses. Print TV
Poster/Billboard FORMS OF MEDIA
“Absolut Album Covers To Savour” Campaign INCORPORATION OF CULTURE INTO ADVERTISING Large and Untapped Market LGBT ADVERTISING
Audience Specific ADVERTISING STRATEGY Differentiation by Region CORPORATE IMAGE &
PUBLIC RELATIONS Sweden is also known
for its green, environmentally friendly attitude.

In 2011 it donated $50,000
to habitat for humanity.

Specialises in building
green homes. FASHION ART Even produces it own magazine,
Absolut Reflexions, in order to allow the public to hear the latest Absolut news. A way to personally sell the brand, both by
displaying its history and
promoting its new ideas

Staff are around to answer customers questions directly EXHIBITION Negative campaigns
drinks. NEGATIVE PR Sweden is also known for its love of techno music.

Collaborated with
Swedish House Mafia, Jay Z,
Lenny Kravitz.

Continues to sponsor
music events around
the world.

Charity Music Events Known for modern approach to art.

They have indoctrinated this into their bottle creating 3 million distinct designs.

Combine Art with charity. Music MEDIA HUMANITARIAN Will its European and US Strategic Approach work in Other Regions? Direct Marketing
Individualistic cultures
and trends of regions

Type of advertising
permitted by law

Personal Selling
Gain recognition by
prominent portrayal NEW INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATION STRATEGY V&S need to change their integrated marketing communications strategy

Reflection of the local preferences, customs and laws in each new region is needed. NEW REGION MARKET STRATEGY Sales Promotion
Low Sale Cost

Public Relations
‘Absolut Reflexions’ magazine NEW INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATION STRATEGY (cont.) Africa Asia, and Latin America

Disposable incomes and discretionary expenditures are increasing for the people in the developing countries NEW REGION PROSPECTS V&S’s European campaign uses advertising
that mimicks successful US campaigns.

Thrived and flourished in the European market EUROPEAN CAMPAIGN Occurs each week in clubs to promote the
Absolut blank campaign

Photo kiosks

Sample drinks

Personally promoted
by the staff Winning an overnight stay
in Dublin's Morrison Hotel Design your own bottle ABSOLUT BLANK Predominantly invite only,
air of exclusivity

Gives their staff personal time with customers

Showcase new ideas,
eg new flavours POP UP EVENTS Pop up bar in Toronto MORE COMPETITIONS “In An Absolut World”
Campaign “Absolut Statehood”
Campaign Absolut Visions Currently in lawsuit over stolen reality show from charity. Idea AN ABSOLUT WORLD is a better world Thank You
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