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Prezi Assignment: By Matthew Krystofiak

Prezi Assignment: By Matthew Krystofiak

Edgar Shwarp

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Prezi Assignment: By Matthew Krystofiak

How Have Things Changed In the World In the Past 10 Years With Regards to the Digital/Online World? Many people now go online to shop, rather than going to malls Lifestyle!! If people want to research something,
they can just go on the internet, rather
than going to a library. google, wikis, blogs Education The use of computers to do assignments Using powerpoints and word to complete assignments Researching and discussing
using blogs and other internet tools Almost all schools use laptops or some form of technology everyday Business Communication Mobile cellular devices, email, social networking, internet, and other means of technology=the main means of communication Texting Twitter Facebook Blogging The use of email Video chatting to communicate Selling products online The use of websites for companies Homework can be assigned online Online transaction
Web 2.0 Cloud Technology The digital divide Open Source Software Digital Natives New Media Blog But most importantly... THE RICK ROLL!!!
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