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Corona vs. Heineken

No description

Maria Chanco

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Corona vs. Heineken



"From where you'd
rather be"
Corona is trying to show that drinking their beer is a relaxing experience.
They are trying to portray the image of a perfect getaway.
Although both Corona and Heineken
are selling beer, they each take
a different approach in the way that
they advertise it.
- Soft folk music to make you feel at ease
- They use two young and "beautiful" actors to attract the viewers
- They try to make look like two average people to add authenticity to the commercial so that the viewers can relate
- The angle is from behind to focus on the beach setting
- They use a sunny, bright environment
- They also use water in the setting and having the sound of waves crashing in the background for the feeling of serenity
Heineken is trying to say that you are able to accomplish and experience anything you desire when you consume their product. They are trying to portray the image of excitement and night-life.
"Open Your World"
- Live, upbeat music
- Indoor, party environment
- Trying to associate their product with fun and
- Abundant amount of people with different ethnicities to make it seem that all cultures can enjoy and drink Heineken
- Beautiful people to attract the viewer
- All actors are dressed formally and in their culture's ethnic apparel; pride
- Bribing the viewers greatness and power when consumed the product

Target Audience
-Corona's target audience are mid-aged people of both sexes
In many of their recent commercials, the actors would be young
-Heineken's target audience are generally men of all ages
Many of their commercials would present a man, or men, of different ages and ethnicities doing exciting and great things

As Corona sells their product with the association of tranquility and relaxation, Heineken markets their product through the feeling of excitement and the bribe of greatness.
-Sun: Happiness, Enlightenment

-Water: Purity, Life, Transition

-Sound of Waves: Serenity, Relaxation
-Corona's approach to getting the audience's attention is by associating their product with the feeling of serenity and relaxation.
-Heineken's approach to getting the audience's attention is by associating their product with excitement and the feeling of greatness
Although Corona and Heineken's approaches
in associating their products with the viewers
are different, they also have some similarities.

Both Corona and Heineken associate their products of bringing people together and feeling care free. They bring the sense of happiness and unity within their commercials so that the consumer will also
feel that way when consuming the product.

By: Armando Figueroa & Maria Chanco
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