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The Jewish Community in Tzfat

No description

Arieh Bentolila

on 15 June 2014

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Transcript of The Jewish Community in Tzfat

Ari - The Lion Z'L - Zijrono Libraja
Student of R' Moshe Kordovero
10 Sefirot
Shmirat Ha Kelim - The Vessels
Students wrote his Lessons
Rabbi Jaim Vital (closest student)
Author of Leja Dodi - Kabalat Shabat Song
Teacher of Rabbi Moshe Kordovero
Manot Halevi - Meguilat Esther
Ayelet Ahavim - Shir Hashirim
Shoresh Yshai - Meguilat Ruth
Brit Halevi - Hagada of Pesaj
Tomer Dvorah - The Palm Tree of Dvora, Imitation of G'd (MYSTERIOUS Title)
Sefer Gerushim - Experiences with Rabbi Alakabez
Cordoveran Kabbalah - Systematic Kabbalah & Commentaries on the Zohar
Rabbi Yosef Taitazak
Ben Porot - Commentary on Cohelet
Lehem Setarim - Book of Daniel
Commentary on the Pirke Avot
Talmudist Sage of the Time
The Mehaber - Author
Bet Yosef - Major Commentary on the Arbaah Turim
Taryag Mitzvot - COUNT OF ALL THE 613 MITZVOT
The Jewish Community in Tzfat
The Tzfat Circle
Early beginnings...
1st Mention in the Talmud Yerushalmi "One of the five places where they use to announce the new moon"
Muslims - Ottoman Period
Jews arrived fleeing from the Spanish Inquisition
Established one of the most flourishing Jewish Communities in Israel
The Center of the Sages - The Tzfat Circle
Study of Kabbalah
Kehillah of Tzfat
Hebrew Printing Press established 1577
By Eliezer Ashkenazi and Itzhack of Prague
32 Synagogues
1662 Druzes destroy Tiberias - Jews fled to Tzfat
Students of the Rabbis - Yeshivot
Lurianic Kabbalah
Battles - Persecutions
Violent Assaults & Murders from the Ottoman Empire
Economic Decline 1560
Expulsion Decrees 1583
1662 Jewish former residents return
Eartquaques 1759 & 1837
Druze Assault - 1838
Pogroms 1517,1834, 1929
Yeshivot - Profound Studies
The 10 Sefirot - Emmanations of G'd
Ramak lessons of Kabalah
Shmirat Ha Kelim
Tomer Dvorah - Palm Tree of Dvorah
The Shuljan Aruj
Tzim Tzum - G'd emanated the world
The Tur - Or Hajaim, Ioshen Mishpat, Even Ezer & Yore Deah
Renewal of Semija
Smija - Hebrew term 'Somej', support, since Moshe Rabenu there was a Rabbi who had the Smija after him. Since the times after the Talmud this Smija from Moshe was lost.
Rabbi Yaakov Beirav ordains a new Smija
Rabbi Yosef Karo recognized as the leader of the Tzfat Circle
200 students in his Yeshiva
Among his students Rabbi Moshe Kordovero & Rabbi Moshe Alshikh
Rabbi Jaim Vital
Student of Rabbi Itzhack Luria
Powerlful Impact in Jewish World - Wrote lessons from Arizal
Commentary on the Zohar Hakadosh
Shaar Haguilgulim - The book of Reincarnation
Legacy from the City
Tzfat Today
"Tzfat is the city where Heaven Touches the earth"
Ranaissance of Judaism in Israel - Jewish Faith
Proof of Jewish Presence in Israel since middle Age
Rabbis and the development of Smicha
Jewish Press
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