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Harmony in World Music

No description

Whitney George

on 2 August 2013

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Transcript of Harmony in World Music

World Music

Music depends on repetition of motives, themes, or ideas
Form is a result of how those ideas are repeated and contrasted
In the 17th c., the Classical Orchestra was established in Europe, but Japan had formed the court orchestra thousands of years prior
Due to the location of Japan, Chinese and Japanese music have many similarities
Japanese Music
Indonesian Music
Gamelan- the main “orchestra” of Indonesia, involving percussion that is both pitched and unpitched (example Gamelan Pelegongan, which is...)
a type of orchestra used to accompany elaborate dance-dramas
two hand-beaten drums
a variety of metallophones (pitched instruments with metal keys)
two reed flutes
the form is made up of different melodies that cycle at different rates as long as 128 beats, making it elaborate polyphony
Japanese Noh Drama
Emerged in the 14th/15th centuries
Stories that involved Buddhist philosophy
For limited ensemble: three percussionists and a flautist
Bunraku Puppet Theater
Puppet theater for three puppeteers and a singer who narrates and provides voices for the puppets
Kabuki Theater
Typically performed by men, even when there are female roles
In addition to the singing actors, there are three other instrumental ensembles on stage
One group is onstage- actors/singers and instrumentalists
One is off-stage- instrumentalists for sound effects
A main singer/narrator sitting to the right of the stage
The Influences of Gamelan on Western Art Music
John Cage Prepared Piano Sonata Played by a Gamelan Orchestra
Lou Harrison, Double Concerto for Violin and ‘Cello with Javanese Gamelan
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