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The present perfect

Uitleg voor Mavo

engels hondsrugcollege

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of The present perfect

The Present Perfect I: Toen t/m Nu
II: Niet belangrijk wanneer

Let op!
Meestal een perfect tense bij
since, for, yet, just, etc. De Vorm Have / Has + voltooid deelwoord

Het voltooid deelwoord:
Regelmatig = stam + -ed
Onregelmatig = oww 3e vorm Voorbeelden: He has played football since 2002.
Has he played football since 2002?
He hasn't played football since 2002.

They have run the marathon of New York.
Have they run the marathon of New York?
They haven't run the marathon of New York. Any Questions?

www.prezi.com Nu Jij! Vul de juiste vorm van het werkwoord in. Gebruik de present perfect. (have/has + voltooid deelwoord) Met een bepaling van tijd:
1. Peter ...... (to do) nothing for an hour now.
2. ... she ... (to be) the Queen since 1980?
3. They ...... (not live) in the Netherlands since the eighties. Niet belangrijk wanneer het gebeurd is (zonder bepaling van tijd dus!):
4. I ...... (to repair) your car.
5. ... Noëlla ... (to listen) to the teacher's instruction?
6. Eric and Sue ...... (not to learn) a thing. De antwoorden 1. Peter has done nothing for an hour now.
2. Has she been the Queensince 1980?
3. They haven't lived in the Netherlands since ....
4. I have repaired your car.
5. Has Noëlla listened to the teacher's intstructions?
6. Eric and Sue haven't learnt a thing.
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