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Nseya Barton and Eartha Brown

No description

lib hist

on 25 August 2016

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Transcript of Nseya Barton and Eartha Brown

Medal of Honor
Nations highest medal for valor in combat.
Authorized year of 1861 by 16th president Abraham Lincoln for sailors and marines.
First awarded to Benard j.d Irwin.
The Medal of honor was awarded 3,515 times.
Surgeon Mary Walker was the only woman to recieve the Medal of honor.
Solider 1: Vernon Baker
United states army officer{ 1st lieutenant}
Born:December 17, 1919, Cheyenne, WY
Battles/wars: World War II, Korean War
Army private, Atkins in World War II received the Medal of Honor for repelling a Japanese attack on his infantry platoon in the Philippines while he was severely wounded,killing at least 14 enemy soldiers in the battle for a Japanese mountaintop in March 1945.
N'seya Barton & Eartha Brown
Placed in combat in World war ll and was the only african american male still standing .During war,Baker led his heavy weapons platoon through German army defenses to within sight of the castle, personally destroying a machine gun position, two observation posts, two bunkers, and a network of German telephone lines along the way. It was for these and other actions, including leading a battalion advance under heavy fire, that he was later awarded the Medal of Honor.

Born: February 5,1921 in Campobello,South Carolina
Battles/wars: world war ll
Died:September 15, 1999 Inman, South Carolina
Soldier 2: Thomas E. Atkins
Soldier 3: Douglas Munro
Born: October 11,1919 Vancouver,Canada
Battles/war:World war ll, matanikua
Died:September 27,1942 Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands
Munro received the decoration posthumously for his actions as officer-in-charge of a group of landing craft on September 27, 1942, during the September Matanikau action in the Guadalcanal campaign of World War II.
Soldier 4:Sammy Davis
Born:November 1,1942 Dayton,Ohio
Battles/wars:Vietnam war
Upon detecting an enemy position, Davis manned a machine gun to give his comrades covering
fire so they could fire artillery in response. Davis was wounded, but ignored warnings to take cover, taking over the unit's burning howitzer and firing several shells himself. He also disregarded his inability to swim due to a broken back, and crossed a river there on an air mattress to help rescue three wounded American soldiers. He ultimately found his way to another howitzer site to continue fighting the NVA attack until they fled. The battle lasted two hours.

These medal of honor recipients all showed great amounts of valor,honor,courage and patriotism during war by making life risking decisions as they did
Being an american means having the availabilty to say the pledge of allegiance every morning,having equalized freedom and being able to have a say in our countries president and my state governor along with my cities mayor.
Valor~Vernon showed valor when he rescued his fellow comrades from a foxhole hole.
Honor~Vernon know he showed honor when he was nominated for the MOH by his comrades and was given plenty of thanks for his valorous acts.
Courage~ Baker showed courage when he faught in more than one war.
Patriotism~ Baker showed patriotism when he joined the amry
Valor- Thomas showed valor when he fought for his country while indanger
Honor~ Thomas showed honor when continued his job as being a soldier instead of quiting
Courage~ Atkins showed courage when he became a soldier to fight for his country
Patriotism~ Atkins showed patriotism because, he faught for his country without hesitation or giving up
Valor~ Douglas showed valor when he evacuated 100+ coast guards safely
Honor~ Munro showed honor when he was honored as the first coast guard to recieved the meal of honor
Courage~ Douglas showed courage when he took the commands from his officer while knowing the risk
Patriotism~ Douglas Munro showed patriotism when he joined the coast guard to help save his comrades
Valor~ Sammy Davis showed valor when he saved his comrades while injured
Honor~ Davis showed honor when he was given the award and he stated that those awards shouldve been for the soldiers that passed while doing their job
Courage~ Sammy Davis showed courage when he did his job he was doing his job he was being brave and not giving up
Patriotism~ Davis showed patriotism when he fought for his country while being injured and never giving up
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