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Norse Culture: The Vikings

Julia Chipman

Julia Chipman

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Norse Culture: The Vikings

Norse Culture: The Vikings
700A.D-1000 Scandinavia: Norway, Denmark, Sweden &Iceland.
Started as agricultural people.
Lack of fertile land, violence ensues.
Various Viking groups banded together and put their barn building skills to the test.
Specialized the boats to what waters they would be traveling. The Viking Long Ship A Northern England Monastery was the first to endure a Viking Sea Attack.
"Devils unleashed from Hell" First Sea Attack: 793 Europe Invaded Vikings made their way to Paris where their reputation proceeded them.
The King offered a large sum of money to the Vikings to leave and never come back. That had the opposite effect. From Raiders to Explorers Erik the Red and Leif Erikson
Colonized Iceland and Greenland. Christianity The King of Norway asked Leif to take Christianity to Greenland.
Saw Christianity as a way to unite and gain control over them. Harold Lost his Rep. Wanted it back.
Got it back.
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