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The Path of Spain to the EU

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Transcript of The Path of Spain to the EU

The three main institutions responsible for decision making are:

The European Parliament
(representing the citizens of the Union and is elected directly by them)
The Council of the European Union
(representing individual Member States)
The European Commission
(which defends the interests of the Union as a whole).
In addition:
d) The European Court of Justice (which oversees compliance with Community law)
e) The Court of Auditors (controlling the accounts of all institutions and bodies)

Our evaluation
The EU is mired in a devastating economic crisis , hampered by ineffective governance that fails to reconcile divergent national interests , overwhelmed by a steady trickle of immigrants who do not know how to absorb, stunned by a democratic deficit that leads people to consider what serves the policy if elected decide shortly .
European Parliament
Which one wins?
The Path of Spain to the EU
Main institutions
You must turn the tide of European transatlantic in big (economic, foreign, immigration) policie
Euroscepticism : Sharp rise of populism , which can make agendas

Regional Division: The North -South divide

Enlargement : the spell of a larger Union vanishes

Leadership within the union : Merkel and Draghi , or who rules in Europe

Telecommunications : ' lobbies ' pressures and delays

Trade agreement with the USA: YES majority agreement , but with conditions
NO Economic policy: Austerity and growth, growth and austerity

Energy: Best policy does not exist

Immigration : Policy twitching and fear

Foreign Policy : Goodbye, bye
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